Full Moon on the Thames

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    Our most popular monthly event - £20 if you have your own board, plus £20 (you equipment inc). You do need experience to join these sessions, as it is a 2 hour paddle and 5- 8km. (If not we recommend our 2 hour SUP Starter if you don't have much paddling skills)

    The day before we will send you a message of the exact location- most likely starting point ( and return) will be around Hurely.( Jubilee if the river is too high) . During the summer months we host these Full Moon Paddles a day or 2 earlier as the moon does not rise till super late. We want you to have the best view and experience.

    Being on the river is a wonderful opportunity to witness it in its full glory; the light bouncing off the waters and seeing into the depth of the moonlit nature. Depending on who is coming to the paddles, will depend on how far we will paddle, whether we include some yoga or meditation or not, but we will plan it around the participants.

    March: Worm Moon

    The last full moon of winter named as worms starts moving as the earth warms.

    April: Pink Moon

    After a species of early blooming wildflower, other names egg moon & fish moon.

    May: Flower Moon

    Thanks to the abundant blooming that occurs as spring gets going properly.

    June: Strawberry Moon

    Paddle under the last supermoon of spring which is particularly low in the sky making it shine through more of the atmosphere than at other times in the year.

    July: Buck Moon

    Male deer, which shed their antlers every year, begin to regrow them in July. Join us on a relaxing paddle, let your mind, body, and soul rest under a calming super moon.

    August: Sturgeon Moon

    The red moon for the reddish hue it often takes on in the summer haze. Appreciate this wonderful season and herald the coming of harvest on our unique super moon paddle!

    August: Blue Moon

    The second full moon within the calendar month

    September: Harvest Moon

    At this time it is particularly bright and rises early, letting farmers continue harvesting into the night .

    October: Hunter's Moon

    Bright and long in the sky, giving hunters the opportunity to stalk prey at night. It can also look bigger and brighter than other full moons.

    November: Beaver Moon

    The time of the year in which beavers take shelter in their lodges to prepare for winter. Witness a stunning lunar eclipse on water.

    December: Long Night Moon

    With the coming of lengthening of the winter nights.

    07505 147957 info@paddleboardmaidenhead.uk

    SUP Club Members this is included.



    What to wear depends on the weather on the day but check here for suggestions.

    Always bring a drink and changes of clothes.

    A short video to help you prepare your body for paddleboarding, just in case you are not participating in sport presently or you are inflexible. We start from sitting and kneeling so you a certain level of mobility and strength is required.

    What to bring

    Bring all your own equipment, ready to paddle at the time set. Hiring equipment be there early too, so we can kit you up.


    This activity is around 2 hours and you will paddle back to where you started. Your guides are all fully qualified and experienced so you can relax and enjoy the evening paddle.

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