Winter Paddles

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  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 8 people
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    Taplow, GB

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    During the winter we will bounce between the Thames and the Jubilee River for our 2 hour paddles, the longer SUP Safari's will go from the canals whilst the Thames is running to fast. We will message you the day before to see whether this paddle will be from on the Thames or from the Jubilee in Taplow, just a few minutes away. Whilst the Thames is doing it's seasonal thing, the Jubliee River really comes to our rescue. It the part of the Flood diversion system installed a few decades ago to make sure Maidenhead, Bray and Windsor don't flood. There is parking there, no toilets though and plenty of brave open water swimmers. There is a shorter upstream section and a longer 4.5 mile round trip downstream. This seems to keep our paddle fitness up and just as important- time outside in nature and with each other.

    We offer a Night time paddle on the Jubilee at least once a week and then at least 4 day time paddles to suit the schedules. It is mostly attended by SUP Club members as they pay a monthly sub and that level of commitment encourages most of our members to keep on paddling throughout the season.

    We will cancel if winds or weather is disgusting and we don't think it will be enjoyable, And to be honest as the Coaches, we get to go out too, so a win win for everyone at Paddleboard Maidenhead. When you have booked in and you wake up and its gusty and dreary you do question why you are going out, and once you get on the water again you are super pleased you made the effort.

    Any questions please ring Phil on 07847 763703

    You do need some prior paddling experience to join these sessions and if you have done please send a message to request a lesson, we have all the equipment to get you started including dry suits.


    You have experience in paddling and you have some boots and over trousers and jacket to bring. We can supply the board or you bring your own.

    Do not buy one to come out especially as 80% of first time buyers purchase a board not best suited to the paddler or type of paddling. Take your time to choose a board.


    Safety briefing first before going out, so the start time the boards want to be ready and your dry bag with your extra clothes, hats, mitts and drink are ready and prepared.

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