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    Hi, you are booking a 1 hour Public Slip & Slide Session at our site near Wimborne, Dorset. The session price includes, the use of both single and double rings.

    1. Spectators are free. You are only required to pay for participants (Sliders). 
    2. Please note: that last & final slide will be called after 50 minutes of your session so the next session can start promptly on the hour.  
    3. Please be on time and your 'Disclaimer' forms are completed
    4. You should be on site no less than 30mins before your session starts. You will need to checkin at reception, change and attend a safety brief - you will not be permitted to slide without one.
    5. Allow plenty of time for summer season traffic - we cannot be held responsible for delays.
    6. Dogs are unfortunately not permitted anywhere on site (this includes the car park)

    ** We have a strict Cancelation policy **

    What happens if we have to close due to bad weather? Safety always comes first!

    We still operate when it raining- you are going to get wet anyway.

    Unfortunately, our British summer weather isn’t always how we would like it to be and we cannot operate in high strong winds or if there is thunder and lightening over head. Sometimes we have to make a close call last minute as the weather can at times be very changeable, localised and unpredictable. Safety always comes first. If there is a sudden change in weather, we may need to close or pause sliding without notice.

    However, we are always keeping a good eye on the weather and usually we know in advance if we need to close, we advise checking on our Facebook or listening to our answerphone before travelling, it maybe ok in your area but very different to our site. If we have to cancel, you will receive an email to rearrange your booking. If you havent heard from us then please still travel to site for your session. 

    Ps weather reports change very quickly so we will make the decision early morning. 

    Exclusive Use*:

    To reserve exclusive* sessions, please make your reservation by emailing us at These sessions are available at specific times and locations:

    Dorset: the exclusive* use session is scheduled from 7-8pm, Monday to Sunday.

    Cornwall: the exclusive* use sessions are scheduled 10am-11am and 6pm-7pm, Monday to Sunday. 

    During these sessions, you and your party will have the privilege of enjoying the following options:

    Option 1: Two lanes (one double slide) accommodating up to 40 people.

    Option 2: Four lanes (two double slides) accommodating up to 80 people.

    *Please note that if you book Option 1 (two lanes), there may be another party utilising the other two lanes. However, if you book Option 2 (four lanes), the entire site will be exclusively yours.

    Pricing details:

    Option 1: Booking two lanes (one double slide) costs £180 for a one-hour session for 15 sliders. Additional sliders can be added for £12 per slider (up to a maximum of 40 sliders). This price includes unlimited use of equipment.

    Option 2: Booking four lanes (two double slides) costs £360 for a one-hour session for 30 sliders. Additional sliders can be added for £12 per slider (up to a maximum of 80 sliders). This price includes unlimited use of equipment.

    Please note that a deposit payment of £180 is required for Option 1 (two lanes) and £360 for Option 2 (four lanes), and these payments are non-refundable.

    The payment for additional sliders can be made on the evening of your event before anyone participates in sliding. We kindly request that group members make the payment to their organiser in advance.

    To ensure a smooth experience, a waiver form will be sent to you (the organiser) via email along with your confirmation and receipt of deposit. The waiver form must be circulated to all participants and completed before the start time of your session. We can provide waivers on the day of the event, but there will be an on-site charge of £1.00 per person for this service.

    If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the provided email address. We are excited to assist you with your reservation.

    If you are a school or charity group, please email for additional information. 

    We do not permit single sex groups over 18, Stag or Hen parties and the site is strictly alcohol free.

    1. All participants must be 4 years old and over. 
    2. All participants must be confident in and around water. 
    3. Children aged 17 years and under must be always supervised by an adult whilst on site. 
    4. All ‘Sliders’ need to be able to walk up a staircase or have personal assistance to help access the slide. 
    5. We are personally dog lovers but unfortunately, they are not permitted on site (guide dogs are permitted).
    6. Picnics are welcome but please take your all your litter home.
    7. We do not allow smoking, vaping, or alcohol on site.
    8. when leaving the site you must turn left. The A31 is a fast road with limited visibility. Stay Safe Turn Left!

    What to bring

    What to wear

    You can wear anything you don't mind getting wet although, they must NOT have exposed zips, buttons, sharp edges, studs or rivets (Wetsuit zips are cool). 


    if you want to slide without a ring you must be wearing a wetsuit, you can bring your own or rent them on site for £4.00 (limited stock available). 

    Grip Socks

    grip socks are highly recommended especially for under 12's. We have them available for only £2.00 and yours to keep for your next visit. You can also wear beach shoes and wetsuit boots.

    Towels and Spare Clothes

    Please bring towels and spare clothes should you need them.

    Please note:

    there is a risk of fiction burns so we advise all riders to cover up exposed skin,

    All jewellery must be removed or covered with a waterproof plaster.

    We don't recommend you wear glasses although you can at your own risk.


    10 minutes before the start of any session there will be a safety brief, last slide is called 10 minutes before the session completes to ensure the next session starts on time.

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