Cambridge Paddling Adventure

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  • 5 hrs

  • Up to 8 people
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    Trumpington, GB

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  • Description

    A paddling adventure on the River Granta from Grantchester towards Cambridge on a guided trip with Whoosh Explore Canoe Club. We will be on a kayaking experience from near to the Orchard Tea rooms towards Cambridge to explore the local sites of the river via the Grantchester Meadows.

    This kayaking session is on the river paddling towards Cambridge ( not including the backs ) with an experienced paddling guide and members of the club.

    This trip is ideal for paddlers with some experience of paddling and is on easy paddling water.


    You should be a reasonably confident paddler for this trip, although it is an easy paddle it is a journey with some upstream paddling involved on the way back. Paddlers should feel that they are confident at paddling 4-5 miles

    What to bring

    Bring a lightweight waterproof jacket and waterproofs if you have them, a dry bag with a small snack ( if we don’t make it to town for a snack/ drink )


    We will be meeting up at the parking near the River at Grantchester where we will then paddle downstream towards Cambridge. We hope to have a rest stop (We can arrange our rest stop near the backs for coffee shop pubs or a light picnic in town subject to paddlers requirements and availability) We will then paddle back upstream towards Grantchester.

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