Canoeing Award - PaddleUK

  • canoeing

  • 6 hrs

  • Up to 6 people
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    Whoosh Explore

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    Stansted Abbotts, GB

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    / adult
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    / child
  • Description

    The Canoeing Award is designed to develop your personal paddling skills so you have a fun and safe day out canoeing.

    Description: Whoosh Explore warmly welcomes you to join us for an enchanting day of canoeing in the beautiful surroundings of Hertfordshire.

    Our PaddleUK course is designe to develop your skills in paddle sport, a course designed to refine your paddling skills while making your canoe journey memorable. This 6-hour experience is not just about lessons for refining your canoeing skills, but it's also a day of non-stop fun and action! Our expert team will guide you through the techniques of safe canoeing, ensuring you enjoy every wave, every stroke, and every moment on the water. The heart of this course lies in enhancing your personal paddling abilities, ensuring that you can control the canoe effectively, crafting a delightful day out canoeing with assurance and fun. But that's not all! The real reward comes in the form of magnificent views and serene landscapes you'll navigate through, gifting you a peace that only nature can provide. Join us at Whoosh Explore, where time on the water is never wasted. Let us immerse you in an adventure that will linger in your memory long after the paddle strokes fade. So, hop in and let the Canoeing Award - PaddleUK course be the start of your journey to become an excellent, confident paddler!


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