Young Swimmer Coaching & Race Prep

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  • Up to 30 people
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    Rutland, GB

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    Focussed on the 8-15 age group, these sessions will introduce younger pool swimmers to open water swimming and give more experienced younger swimmers/triathletes a chance to improve their open water skills like swimming straight and coping with a little bit of choppy water rady for events.

    Once in the water, swimmers will be divided into a maximum of three like ability groups with a coach or support swimmer. All swimmers must be accompanied by an on-shore parent or guardian.

    Through friendly enthusiastic instruction and motivating guidance we aim to make these sessions a fun and safe experience. We will not venture too far from the shore and will have in-water swimmers and canoe /boat support to adapt to the response of the swimmers and ensure everyone is safe and has the best opportunity to learn to swim well in open water.


    Minimum course entry requirement is an ability to swim 100 metres continuously in a swimming pool on any stroke (4 lengths of a 25m pool). Juniors must be able to meet the minimum swimming requirements and will need to remainin within the group and follow coached instruction at all times.

    What to bring

    Warm clothes for afterwards. Mandatory swim tow float, brightly coloured hats (can both be loaned free of charge pre-sanitised if you don't have your own).

    Wetsuits are mandatory if water temperature is below 15C and limited hire is available at an additional extra for £4 at time of booking (contact to confirm).

    Goggles optional but advised.


    Depending on swim confidence and ability, we will teach relevant open water skills and have fun, in a safe coached environment!


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