Underwater Treadmill Run/Walk

  • fitness

  • 30 mins

  • Up to 2 people
  • house-outline


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    Oakham, GB

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    / adult
  • Description

    If you are recovering from injury or have special rehabilitation needs please contact mary@inspire2tri.oc.uk before booking.

    After the success of underwater treadmill advocates Mo Farrah and Alastair Brownlee in London & Rio, the multiple benefits of treadmill running or walking for both rehabilitation and lower impact mileage have come to the fore. You will be running/walking on a state of the art Endless Pool Aquatic Treadmill with or without the added challenge of a variable speed swim current providing extra resistance.

    These are non-coached sessions in 28-30C temperature water with runners/walkers controlling their own treadmill and flume speed relative to their goals. Two people can use the pool at the same time as there are two treadmill/flume combos, but each will be controlled separately. In your first session I will ensure that you can can safely control both treadmill and flume speed within your safe run/walk capability.

    Waist high water reduces your body weight by approximately 50%, increasing to 75% at chest height. The resultant natural buoyancy reduces impact and therefore stress on leg joints and lower back whilst the hydrostatic pressure helps to support the body to provide a safe but highly effective workout environment.


    You need to be comfortable in chest high water and able to enter unaided into the pool which has a seating area on entry at hip height.

    What to bring

    Swimsuit or shorts/top. Water shoes can be loaned if needed.


    Run or Walk on an Underwater treadmill in an Endless pool for a 30min session at a self selected intensity.


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