Barbell Club

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  • 1 hr

  • Up to 16 people
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    Oakham, GB

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    / adult
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    Learn the big 3 barbell lifts that form a complete full body strength training program of squat, deadlift and overhead press. These 3 lifts encompass all you need for improvements in strength, building muscle mass in an incredibly time efficient program that will bring huge benefits to your daily life and your sport. 

    If you have never trained with barbells before you can receive instruction and coaching from Lynette to ensure you learn the movement patterns safely and effectively from day 1. If you are already training elsewhere but want to join a group or have a coach look at your form, you can get that here too. 

    Barbells are infinitely loadable so your program can be tailored to exactly your needs whatever your entry point. You can’t go wrong getting strong with Lynette's help and supervision.

    All equipment will be provided.


    We respectfully request that you do not come with COVID or COVID related symptoms. We use state of the art UV-C air cleansing units and a CO2 monitor to create a safer indoor environment in which to exercise.

    What to bring

    Drink and a towel.


    The practice and theory of strength training for fitness and sports. No previous experience required.

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