SLSGB Beach Lifeguard course

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  • 5 days

  • Up to 8 people
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    Coast to Coast Water Safety

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    Challaborough, GB

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    This is a 5 day activity

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    This is an internationally recognised 40 hour course which gives you the qualification to apply for lifeguard work with the RNLI as well as organisations abroad or use it to complete your surf instructor qualification.

    Price includes : lifeguard and first aid manuals, examination fees, access to the Coast to Coast online learning platform

    Minimum age: 16 YO

    Pre-requisites :

    -To do the course, you will need to be a current member of SLSGB: follow the link to create or renew your SLSGB membership (+ £25):

    -You need to be able to complete the fitness test:

    . 400m swim in a pool in 8 min - to be completed before the course

    . 200m beach sprint in less than 40 seconds

    Validity: 24 months from assessment, then 12 month annual proficiency (as long as validity has not lapsed)


    Online session on Wednesday 23rd October at 7:30pm to open the course, cover some of the lifeguarding theory and get you started to prepare the course.



    1. From Wednesday 30th October until Sunday 3rd November, between 8:30am and 5:30pm


    Churchstow village hall for the First Aid and theory

    Challaborough or Bigbury beach for water work


    Signed up paid member of SLSGB before the course start date.

    What to bring

    -Wetsuit, boots, hood, gloves - suitable for the activity and time of year

    -Swimming goggles

    -Packed lunch

    -Warm comfortable clothing suitable for indoor first aid scenarios


    Award aims: The beach Lifeguard qualification will provide the learner with the knowledge and skills required in order to provide professional patrolling and water safety services, in surf conditions, with rescue skills and advanced fitness requirements. The course is physically demanding and will include swimming to set times, rescue board paddling, running and lifting.

    Training and assessment process: Trained and assessed throughout the course by a SLSGB trainer and skills to be verified by an SLSGB assessor on a given day of the training.


    1. Online tests
    2. Physical fitness tests
    3. Water and beach based practical
    4. First aid scenarios

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