Avon River - Quicker pace

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  • 4 hrs

  • Up to 7 people
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    Bantham, GB

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    / adult
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    A stunning 5km tidal assisted river swim starting at Aveton Gifford and finishing at Bantham beach. 

    This beautiful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a bucket list swim for most outdoor swimming enthusiasts. 

    The tide helps you downstream all the way, the closer to the beach we get the faster the flow gets until we reach what is know as the "Swoosh". This is where the river squeezes and the speed of the tidal flow increases to an unbelievable rate - if you ever dreamed of being an Olympic swimmer you'll feel like one here!

    Our group size is 7 max.

    This is a quicker paced swim, perfect for intermediate to experienced front crawlers. Where possible we stay as group and enjoy it as a group. 

    With very few exit points along the swim you will need to be sure you can complete the distance. 

    Please note we offer a gentler paced swim for breast strokers and slow front crawlers...​

    Included in the price is:

    - Full swim guide and safety cover

    - Coast to Coast Water Safety swim cap 

    - Transport from Bantham to swim start


    Able to swim 4-5km in open water confidently

    What to bring

    -Wetsuit, googles,... what ever you need to be comfortable in the water for about 2-3 hours, all equipment is to be suitable for a swim at this time of year

    -If you wish to swim without a wetsuit this is ok by us as long as you are used to it. Early season the water is still cold, especially for a swim of this length as such we highly recommend you wear a wetsuit.

    -Warm clothing for post swim.

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