Avon River - Gentle pace

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  • 4 hrs

  • Up to 7 people
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    Coast to Coast Water Safety

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    Bantham, GB

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    / adult
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    Held in one of Devon's most iconic rivers, this swimming escapade takes you through the spectacular Avon river and its lush surroundings.

    This swim venture begins at the charming hamlet of Aveton Gifford and ends at the picturesque Bantham beach, encompassing a stunning 5.5km stretch. Swimming through the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and fuelled by an aiding tide, you're in for a treat as you experience the thrill of outdoor swimming at its finest.

    As we journey downstream, the tide brings in more velocity creating the exhilarating "Swoosh" effect as we approach the beach. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you encounter the exciting squeeze of the river and the increasing speed of the tidal flow that makes every swimmer feel like an Olympian!

    This swim-venture is suited for breast strokers and slow front crawlers and we ensure a communal and inclusive experience, swimming cohesively as a group. This leisurely swim is aimed for a group of 5 to 7 swimmers.

    We provide a quicker pace version of this swim better suited for those who can complete the distance in front crawl.

    It's crucial that you're equipped to swim the distance and maintain warmth for at least two hours as exit points in the river's course are sparse.

    A swim of this length demands appropriate preparation, never underestimating the effect of cold water on your body during an extended period.

    Come prepared and you will undoubtedly relish this unique aquatic experience!

    The pricing includes a range of benefits: you'll be provided with a comprehensive swim guide, complete safety cover, a premium Coast to Coast Water Safety swim cap and transport convenience from Bantham to the swim start.

    So, get ready to make unforgettable memories and tick this glorious swim off your bucket list!

    Remember, before you take the plunge, please ensure to complete our Medical/Disclaimer form and be sure to update us if anything changes before your swim. Our priority is ensuring your safety and unfortunately, we cannot allow you to swim without the required documentation.


    We understand you may be a skin-swimmer however we strongly advise to swim with a wetsuit because:

    -the water temperature could be colder and you could be swimming for longer and slower than what you are used to. Make sure you train adequately and get accustomed to the water temperature at the time of year for your swim.

    -we may be swimming close to and around rocks: barnacles, sea shells and rocks may be sharp - another good reason to protect your skin!

    -on top of providing warmth and protecting your skin, a wetsuit will provide extra buoyancy for when we stop making it easier to enjoy your float.


    -If you cancel 30 days or more before your swim: full refund minus £3.50 administration fee.

    -If you cancel less than 30 days before your swim: we sadly cannot offer a refund. However, we are happy for you to find someone to swim in your place, they will have to contact us ASAP so we can address them the relevant forms and information prior to the swim.

    -If we cancel or should weather/sea conditions turn unsafe, we will contact you within 48 hours prior to your swim to reschedule or offer a voucher valid for 1 year or offer a full refund.

    1. Able to swim 5km in open water confidently: it could be nice and flat but the river could also be choppy with headwinds.
    2. Train to become accustomed to choppy and colder water
    What to bring

    -Gloves and boots/socks are good to help keep your extremities warmer for longer, googles are great to see what's going on below,... what ever YOU feel YOU need to be comfortable in the water for 2 hours - all equipment is to be suitable for a swim at the time of year and well fitted for your swim.

    -The river is a few degrees colder than the sea, do not underestimate the duration of the swim and the impact of water temperature.

    -POST SWIM: warm clothing, hot drink and snacks


    . Meet your swim guide

    . Short taxi ride to the start

    . Swim and safety briefs

    . Swim and enjoy!


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