Youth Intermediate (RYA 3-4) Mornings

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  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 9 people
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    Arnside Sailing Club

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    Cumbria, GB

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    / child
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    Youth Stage 3 / 4 intermediate course is aimed at the young people who are on their way to becoming confident, independent sailors. Our improvers course will further equip them with the skills and knowledge to be independent sailors. Upon successful completion of the course they will be able to rig, launch and then sail their boat in any direction. The course may include some fun racing and use of double handed boats. The skills required in stage 3 and above may take several courses to complete due to the nature of the skills and the need for good sailing conditions (i.e. not too windy/ calm).

    Discount for member's children

    There is a discount for children of Arnside Sailing Club members (under Add-Ons)

    Club Membership 2024

    £80 individual, £90 family

    (+£20 per annum per membership for using Arnside club dinghies outside training courses.)

    If you wish to pay via a different method or have questions please contact Due to the nature of my role working on sessions, it may take a few days for me to respond.


    Have the RYA Stage 2 certificate or above. It is really useful to have gained some consolidation in between courses sailing independently.

    What to bring


    Please come prepared in clothing and footwear that you can get wet in.

    For most of the year a wetsuit would be ideal but layers are important to keep you warm as you can be sat around and possibly get wet. The club does not have a supply of wetsuits- please bring your own.

    Quick drying layers, base layers, fleeces and a waterproof layer can all help. A waterproof layer can help keep the wind chill off. Trainers work well as a footwear option. In sunny, warm weather please consider suncream and covering up.

    A change of clothes and a towel for going home in is useful.

    If you wear glasses please consider wearing a glasses retainer strap.

    Killington Sailing Club is 600 feet above sea level, more exposed and generally colder than Arnside. Remember that it also tends to be cooler on the water than on land. It is better to bring too much clothing than too little.

    Buoyancy Aids

    We can provide buoyancy aids, sailing gloves and safety helmets (particularly for children) If you have your own buoyancy aid (min 50N, in good condition, appropriate for your size- see the label on the inside), please bring it with you, the instructor will make a decision on its suitability before going on the water.

    Log Book

    Don't forget to bring your log book to be signed off.


    We will cover

    1. Rigging, Launching & Recovery
    2. Some more knot tying
    3. Sailing techniques & manoeuvres, tacking, gybing, sailing a course, coming alongside, man overboard and much more.
    4. Points of sailing and the five essentials
    5. Meteorology – Weather forecasts and the Beaufort wind scale
    6. Rules of the Road – eg port and starboard rule, overtaking

    We will be sailing single and doubled handed boats.


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