Youth High Tide Sailing Arnside

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    Arnside, GB

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    These are sessions aimed at improvers and advanced youth with RYA Stage 2, equivalent or above standard to practice, develop and enjoy sailing at High Tide at Arnside. Session time allows for preparing boats, theory sessions, 1-2 hours on the water (dependent upon weather conditions), retrieving boats and packing away.

    If you are unsure whether this session is suitable or haven't been told by a club instructor that you are ready please contact to discuss the options.

    Parents and Guardians of cadets under 15 are expected to remain nearby.

    There are opportunities for parents to help with the sessions and the club always needs extra hands to help launching, recovering and cleaning boats and as crew on the safety boats.

    Hartley 10s are available for all cadets to use as single handers. Please book out any different boats (Laser, Hartley 12 Double Hander, Catamaran) on the following spreadsheet 2024 Craft Booking and discuss with the instructor your personal aims for your session on the day.


    Children of club members £10 (click on club member's discount when booking

    Others £30

    Club Membership 2024

    £80 individual, £90 family

    (+£20 per annum per membership for using Arnside club dinghies outside training courses. The boat use fee does not apply to families where only under 18s sail or low income members)

    If you wish to pay via a different method or have questions please contact Due to the nature of my role working on sessions, it may take a few days for me to respond.


    Please discuss with the instructor your personal aims for your session on the day.

    Min RYA Stage 2

    Recommended by a club instructor as competent to move onto high tide sessions (generally after observation at low tide sessions.)

    Ability to right a boat with minimal assistance after capsize.

    What to bring
    1. Clothing

    Wear clothing that will keep you warm in the wind, if you get wet.

    Wetsuits are ideal if you have one. The club does not have a supply of wetsuits- please bring your own.

    A waterproof jacket or a cagoule (cag) are useful to reduce any wind chill.

    Polyester jumpers (i.e. fleeces) are good at keeping you warmer if they get wet.

    1. Footwear

    Please wear suitable footwear that will protect your feet, trainers are ideal, water shoes are OK, but can often get stuck in the wet sand. Flip Flops, Crocs and Wellingtons are not suitable.

    1. Hot Weather

    Please wear suncream and consider appropriate attire for protecting from the sun.

    1. Change of Clothes

    Bring a towel and a change of clothing, in case you get wet. There are limited changing facilities on site i.e. gazebo.

    1. Buoyancy Aids:

    We can provide buoyancy aids, sailing gloves and safety helmets (particularly for children).

     If you have your own buoyancy aid (min 50N, in good condition, appropriate for your size- see the label on the inside), please bring it with you, the instructor will make a decision on its suitability before going on the water.

    1. If you wear glasses

    Consider a glasses strap to help prevent them falling off.

    1. Site Facilities

    There are very basic facilities on site including basic changing spaces i.e gazebo and an eco-toilet. There is no running water, shower facilities or refreshments on site.


    Rigging boats including safety boats

    Theory Sessions based on session aims (dependent upon weather, tide and cadets present)

    On Water Session (generally 1-2hours)

    Retrieve boats, clean and pack away (including safety boats)

    Session Aims may include;

    Tidal knowledge

    Rope work

    Efficient tacking and gybing

    Sailing a set course on the water

    Race skills

    Sailing in different boats i.e. Laser, Hartley 12 as a double hander, Catamaran

    Seamanship skills (stopping at a mooring, coming alongside, taking a tow, rudderless, centreboardless etc)

    Spinnaker work

    Journey towards Holme Island

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