Improver Paddleboard Clinic

  • paddleboarding

  • 1 hr

  • Up to 4 people
  • house-outline

    Arnside Sailing Club

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  • Description

    This more intensive clinic is designed to be tailored to individual needs looking to help improve balance and movement on the board, more efficient paddling introducing movements such as step back turns.

    There is a chance of falling in.

    It is expected that you have previous experience standing up paddle boarding as you will be given little exercises to work on to improve technique and efficiency.


    Previous experience standing up and paddleboarding.

    What to bring

    Be prepared for getting wet and keeping warm.

    1. Clothing

    Wear clothing that will keep you warm in the wind, if you get wet.

    Wetsuits are ideal if you have one.

    There are no wetsuits available at the club.

    A waterproof jacket or a cagoule (cag) are useful to reduce any wind chill.

    Polyester jumpers (i.e. fleeces) are good at keeping you warmer if they get wet.

    1. Footwear

    Please wear suitable footwear that will protect your feet, trainers are ideal, water shoes are OK. Flip Flops, Crocs and Wellingtons are not suitable.

    1. Hot Weather

    Please wear suncream and consider appropriate attire for protecting from the sun.

    1. Change of Clothes

    Bring a towel and a change of clothing, in case you get wet. There are limited changing facilities on site.

    1. Buoyancy Aids:

    We provide buoyancy aids. If you have own, feel free to bring it, our instructors will do a quick check to ensure it is suitable.

    1. If you wear glasses

    Consider a glasses strap to help prevent them falling off.

    1. Site Facilities

    There are very basic facilities on site including basic changing spaces and an eco-toilet, There is no running water, shower facilities or refreshments on site.


    Get equipment out.

    Discuss aims of session.

    Demonstrate existing paddling.

    Series of smaller exercises to develop efficiency, confidence and movement.



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