SUP Performance, Racing and Performance

  • paddleboarding

  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 12 people
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    Midlothian, GB

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    If you're thinking of SUP racing, this is a great first step! SUP racing can be a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Races can vary in length and difficulty, from short sprints to long-distance endurance events. The competitive nature of racing can be motivating for some individuals and can help them push themselves harder than they might in a solo paddle session.

    These sessions are open to anyone wanting to improve their SUP paddling technique - which is useful not only for racing but for overall efficiency in the water, covering longer distances and lowering the risk of injuries and strain to muscles and joints.

    What we'll work on?

    1. Paddling technique on flat water
    2. Paddling into the wind
    3. Foot positioning
    4. Endurance paddling
    5. Sprint paddling
    6. Step back buoy turns
    7. Trimming the board to conditions
    8. and much more!

    1. Need to be able to paddle standing up
    2. Need to be able to paddle more than 2km
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