• Paddleboard Maidenhead voucher

    Our SUP gift vouchers are an original gift - we cater for all ages and abilities. Paddleboard Maidenhead gift vouchers can be created for bespoke amounts and used across any of our activities!  Do not buy a board especially for the sessions, 80 % of people buy the wrong board. Through the sessions they will have a far better idea of the length and type of board that will suit them, so lessons are a far better investment to start with as our boards are super rigid an of high spec and they can try a variety of boards.


    You don’t need to choose the activity just know your budget, they can top up the amount if necessary. Below will give you an idea of how far your money will go.

    £60 Starter or Safety, Skills and Rescue 2 hours in a small group

    £45 Guided River Trip on the Thames  £190 SUP Starter Package.

    Prices include all equipment, if they have a board already the activities will cost less.


    With a plethora of activities in our schedule, we have something for every individual, and they get to choose when they go online to book with the unique code, whenever they are ready and book whatever session they feel ready for depending on their skills and fitness levels. Our voucher work like any other regular voucher, with a expiry date of 12 months from purchase. We are open all year around.

    Please message or call Tara for any questions, 07505 147957

    Paddleboard Maidenhead is an established and respected business with only 5 star ratings. If we think the conditions are not safe or enjoyable, we will rearrange.