Sledging & Mini Ringo Party Ages 6-11

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  • 1 hr

  • Up to 20 people
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    Esher, GB

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    1.  Sledging & Mini Ringo parties from September to March run on our main ski slope.
    2. Sledging & Mini Ringo parties are suitable for children 6-11.
    3. The parties are for 20 children, which will book the whole slope out just for your party. Please note, you do not have to bring the full 20 if you have a smaller party/group.
    4. Please note when making a booking: we will need you here 20 minutes before the start time to kit everyone up with helmets. Equipment will be provided.
    5. Parties booked over ski season from September - March will most likely be held on the main slope, if the intermediate slope is unavailable.

    1. You must sign a waiver to participate in this activity. You can do this when you book or when you turn up on the day. The party organiser can sign all the waivers for the party guests, however, please do check with parents beforehand.
    2. It is necessary for an adult to stay onsite at all times for children under 16, however, they do not have to participate.
    What to bring
    1. Ensure all participants are wearing suitable clothing: trousers, long-sleeved tops, and trainers. Flip-flops/sandals and Crocs are not allowed. Gloves are essential and a limited number are available to purchase from reception. This remains the same in hot weather and we do not have spare tops or trousers onsite.
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