Weekend Intro to SUP plus START Award

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    Palace Paddlers

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    London , GB

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    This is our mixed group, introduction to SUP course, where you will be introduced to the equipment and how to safely launch, manoeuvre and recover a paddle board on our exclusive, safe and sheltered woodland lake.

    This is ideal for anyone looking to learn the basics of paddleboarding and especially suitable for families looking to gain experience before the summer holidays season.

    Upon completion you'll be eligible for the Paddle UK START Award, which is the entry point to an incredible fun filled journey into the world of paddlesports Delve into the exciting world of paddleboarding with Palace Paddlers' Intro to SUP including START Award.

    Dedicated to offering a safe, enjoyable experience, this activity is perfect for both individuals and families wanting to dive into the SUP basics before the summer season. Set against the tranquil backdrop of our private, well-preserved woodland lake in SE London, the course encompasses everything from an introduction to the equipment to mastering the techniques of launching, manoeuvring, and safely recovering a paddleboard.

    Our experienced trainers ensure you have a fun, engaging time as you learn. The highlight of this roughly 2-hour session is eligible for the Paddle UK START Award, laying the foundation for your foray into the mesmerizing world of paddlesports.

    Whether you're a newbie looking for a unique recreational activity or a family planning a SUP-themed summer vacation, our intro to SUP including the START Award course is the stepping stone you need to your paddleboarding adventures.


    Please let us know if you have any specific medical needs or any if additional support is required. All information will be treated in confidence and only used to ensure you have the best possible experience on the day.

    O que levar

    The most important thing to bring is a can-do attitude and to be prepared to learn something new.

    We provide top quality boards and equipment and have shower facilities on site and recommend showering after being in / on the water .

    You will need to bring:


    water bottle

    water shoes

    sunscreen (rec w/p F50)

    shorts / tee-shirt

    wet suit (if you have one)


    Wet suits are personal choice and only required on colder days

    We have some wet suits for hire but cannot guarantee having the right size so contact us in advance to check if you need this add on.

    If you're not familiar with the site, we ask that you arrive 15mins before your session so that we can get you booked in and for you to get changed and down to the lake.


    On arrival you'll be met and checked in by one of the team who'll explain everything that's going to happen.

    You'll be shown where to change and when ready you'll have an introduction to the kit and a safety brief, then we'll head down to the lake, warm up and get on the water.

    We start slowly, getting you used to floating on a SUP and steering from a sitting / kneeling position.

    We'll then get you standing up, paddling forwards, turning and climbing back on.

    We all fall in at some point, but the lake is shallow and we're all trained to ensure you have a safe and fun time.


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