SUP Adventurer - Foulridge Tunnel

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  • Up to 8 people
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    River and Dale Adventures

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    Lancashire, GB

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    Let us take you for a pleasant 4.5 mile journey through the Yorkshire and Lancashire countryside along the Leeds Liverpool canal and through the historic Foulridge Tunnel, aka the "Mile Long" Tunnel.

    Paddle boarding has a high chance of getting wet by falling in, however our expert coaches and instructors are there to give you the tips, tricks and tools to try standing up safely and maximise the experience and enjoyment. Although called Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or SUP for short, you can paddle these boards laying down, sitting, kneeling or even from a yoga pose if you can manage it, standing up is the not the only way to enjoy the sport.


    Whether beginner or experienced paddler all are welcome on our SUP Adventure Days, from ages of 10* years and up.

    Paddle Boarding is an inclusive sport and we try to be as adaptable as possible with our sessions, no matter your level of proficiency our expert coaches and instructors are on hand to provide the best experience possible.

    The Extra Safety Bit.

    Under 18's:

    1. Must be accompanied on the water by a responsible adult.
    2. Wear a helmet at all times, provided by us.
    3. Are the responsibility of their respective parent/guardian/responsible adult and not River and Dale Adventures.
    4. *Exceptionally small/under 10 years old children are Free and welcome but must be on the same board as their parent/guardian/responsible adult and be able to fit into our smallest buoyancy aid. (Please message us if you plan to bring your little one so we can advise on the size of our buoyancy aids).
    What to bring

    All activity equipment is provided including wetsuits and dry boxes for phones and keys.

    However, if you have your own board, Paddle UK membership and personal paddling equipment you are welcome to bring it along. Use code: OWNBOARD at checkout for a 10% discount.

    Participants should come prepared with:

    1. Clothing you don't mind getting wet. (No Cotton please)
    2. Securely fitting closed toe footwear.
    3. Water and snacks/lunch.
    4. Change of Clothes & Towel/Changing Robe for the end.

    Recommended/Optional items:

    1. Own personal Wetsuit or DrySuit
    2. Waterproof Jacket & Trousers.
    3. Spare warm layers, Hats & Gloves.
    4. Personal Medication (prescribed or otherwise)
    5. Flasks with warm drinks.
    6. Sun Cream (even in winter).
    7. Insulated/reusable Mugs.

    At 10am we will meet at Greenfield Rd Parking, the finishing point of our journey. After introductions, getting changed and handing out safety equipment we will jump in our Uber/taxi for the 20-minute trip to Salterforth Canal Car Park, the official start of our journey, where our boards will be waiting for us.

    (If bringing your own board, we will email you separately with full details and options.)

    Before getting on the water, we will provide a safety brief, basic instruction and plan for the day.

    Our journey will take us along a very pretty and tranquil section of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, where we will be able to hone your skills and get comfortable on the boards before arriving at our lunch stop in Foulridge Wharf and the entrance to the "Mile Long" tunnel.

    The tunnel is traffic light controlled so we may have a longer lunch break or fill the time with skills development if we arrive too early.

    Once the lights turn green, we have 30 minutes to get through the tunnel, more than enough time for you experienced paddlers by this point.

    At the end of the tunnel, we have a few gentle kilometres left along the canal before we have to carry our boards along the tow path around Barrowford Locks to our finish spot, where we met first thing in the morning.

    Once all equipment is back and we are dressed and warm we will say our goodbyes and be off on our separate ways.

    We look forward to seeing you on the water very soon and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by:


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