Sea Kayaking Coaching

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  • 7 hrs 30 mins

  • Up to 4 people
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    Gwynedd, GB

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    This sea kayaking developmental day in North West Wales is tailored to your skills and aspirations.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the coastal environment enjoying the nature whilst you learn. This full day experience is designed specifically for your personal skill level and to help you achieve your sea kayaking ambitions.

    Depending on the day's sea conditions, we will select the optimal venue to support your development. These include the coastal beauty of Anglesey, the rugged charm of Llŷn Peninsula, the breathtaking vistas of Snowdonia, the dynamic Menai Straits or the scenic bay of Conwy. Each location provides its own unique challenges and sensory experiences.

    I'll help you learn a myriad of techniques, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned kayaker seeking to refine your existing skills. The day could incorporate elements of safety awareness, manoeuvring, navigation or rough water kayak handling skills all while revealing the secrets of the sea and its inhabitants - helping you to be a proficient sea kayaker.

    Antur Natur offers you an extraordinary adventure, rendering both the deep connection with nature and the adrenaline-filled thrill of expanding your comfort zone whilst developing your skills.


    As a minimum you will need to be comfortable in your sea kayak in light winds and flat conditions.

    Ideally you will already have practised capsizing a kayak outdoors wearing a spraydeck and can get back into your kayak effectively with assistance.

    If you are not this experienced then please book a beginner session instead.

    Please make sure you select the kayak hire option if you do not have your own sea kayak to use during the course.

    What to bring

    Please make sure you select the option to hire a kayak in the drop down menu if you do not have your own sea kayak.

    Maximum of 8 members with a minimum of 1 to 4 ratio between leader and participant.

    Please arrive at Snowdonia Watersports, Unit 2 Y Glyn, Llanberis LL55 4EL at 9.15am unless we contact you to advise us to meet you elsewhere.

    You will need to take a drink, lunch, snacks, spare layer in a dry bag with you in the kayak so please bring these together with any other personal items e.g hand sanitizer, sun cream and pocket first aid kit.

    Cameras or phones can be brought if you have a suitable certified waterproof case for them. You will also need a way to keep them safely so they don’t get knocked. Otherwise, please leave them in your vehicle.

    If you are hiring kayak and kayak clothing , you will need to wear your own swimwear - we suggest arriving with your swimwear under your clothes. We can provide wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and a cagoule if needed to go along with the kayak and paddle. You will need to bring footwear for in the kayak that will get wet e.g old trainers or sandals that fasten. You will need a towel together with a full change of clothes and footwear for afterwards.

    Once we have issued all the equipment the group needs, we will drive to the launch location. You will need to provide your own transport and if you have your own kayak transport it too. We will transport the kayaks we hire out. Remember to book a kayak at the checkout if you need one.

    Please be prepared to change outside/in your car by bringing a big towel or full body cloak to help preserve your modesty.

    We generally aim to finish the session in order be able to get back to Llanberis by about 4.30pm.


    We will meet up and have a quick chat. Then drive to our launch location. Everyone will help each other with unloading the kayaks safely prior to launching.

    Once afloat we will tailor the day to your needs finding an appropriate location to stop for breaks/lunch.

    At the end of the day we will all load the kayaks together and have a final group debrief session.

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