BSUPA Level 2 Instructor Course

  • paddleboarding

  • 2 days

  • Up to 8 people
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    Oxford SUP Club

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    Oxford, GB

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    This is a 2 day activity

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    The 2 day course is no longer combined surf and tour, it has been separated – both level 2 courses include the management module/senior instructor role and have new addition of the new Youth Scheme incorporated for both instructor courses. All BSUPA Schools require a BSUPA level 2 Instructor in the School.

    2 day course £250 – inc manuals and certificates.

    All Recognised BSUPA Schools will be required to have a Level 2 Instructor.

    Tour / Race Instructor

    Two day Instructor course that allows a the instructor to teach – Ready to Tour /Tour Experience/Born to Ride /Born to Race /Born to Tour to students. This includes a senior instructor element to do with managing a BSUPA school and other instructors and is required in each BSUPA Recognised School.

    Instructor Candidate Pre requisites:

    1. 100 Hours as a level 1 instructor
    2. RYA Powerboat Qualification
    3. BSUPA Level 1 Instructor Certificate;
    4. Minimum age 18 only.
    5. Riding ability, competent on a range of boards
    6. Current member of BSUPA.
    7. Display a good level fitness
    8. Good knowledge of different locations/conditions
    9. Has experience basic level racing or tours

    Course Content

    You need to be a competent SUP rider and an experienced BSUPA level 1 Instructor, ideally with some basic race or tour experience and a good level of fitness. We cover entry level race starts and buoy rounding and developing the next level of race technique and paddle technique. We cover tours and guided trips and look through the youth scheme and how this works within a BSUPA school. There is time for you to get a update on equipment and your own paddle technique.

    The course is both practical and theoretical, we look at management of a BSUPA School and documents SOP, EAP, AALS, Risk Assessments, safety management, safety planning as well as the specific equipment, conditions and technique needed to deliver the Level 2 courses .

    We have a exam paddle test and will expect Instructors to deliver some talks and coaching sessions.A BSUPA level 2 Instructor will required in every BSUPA Recognised School.

    Teaching Ratios for BSUPA Level 2

    One instructor, Six students

    BSUPA Level 2 Instructors Certificate will be valid for 3 years from the point of qualification provided the candidate up to date first aid qualification and RYA Powerboat qualification. And BSUPA membership.

    NB BSUPA Guided tour experience you can increase to 10 Students -1 Bsupa instructor -1 assistant with adults with a suitable experienced assistant who has undergone in-house training


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