Kitesurfer Improver | Private | 3hrs

  • kitesurfing

  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 1 person
  • house-outline

    Nomadic North Devon

  • pin

    bideford, GB

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    / adult
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    / child
  • Description

    Our private 3 hr Improver courses are completely bespoke and built around your current level and needs.

    Whether that’s improving the basics such as kite control and body dragging or getting the board on your feet and nailing those first rides! For those that are already up and riding we can work on improving overall technique such as riding upwind, turning and even learning to jump!

    Although we understand that some people learn much faster than others it’s important that even those that pick things up quickly book several of these sessions before going out and practicing alone.

    Save money and book this course as part of our class pass deal.


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