Seal Watching Paddle Board Trip

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  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 6 people
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    Hampshire, GB

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    In Chichester Harbour there is a "haul out" or "rookery" point for both Common & Grey Seals near Emsworth which we can view from a safe and unobtrusive distance whilst on the water.

    Whilst there we may even spot rarer seen Otters, Harbour Porpoise and Bottle Nose Dolphins as well as Herons, Cormorants & Terns & on occasion the odd bird of prey.

    It is highly recommended you bring binoculars if you have them.

    On this trip we adhere closely to the Solent Seal Code of Conduct and only run this trip on a Friday or Monday as we believe the weekends are too busy for viewing the seals natural habitat.

    This is a relaxed flat water session but we do ask that you have done a bit of paddle boarding before as we navigate our way to the Seal Rookery

    Please remember, that when booking that your booked time is open to change according to the tide as we need to be precise here to view the seals - also, please be aware that we do not guarantee the number of seals you will see but hope that you at least get to see something wild within this designated Area Of Natural Beauty.


    We ask that you have done at least one session of paddle boarding prior to joining this tour as we navigate our way from Emsworth to the Seal rookery

    What to bring
    1. Towel
    2. Change of clothes
    3. Binoculars
    4. Snacks

    This is a relaxed tour of Chichester Harbour with the aim of viewing seals in their natural habitat

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