1.5 Hr Private Paddle Board Lesson

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  • Up to 1 person
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    Experience the beauty of the Chichester Canal with a private paddle boarding coaching session. Our experienced ASI instructor will help you perfect your technique and provide top tips and tricks to help you improve....This 1.5 hour session is sure to leave you feeling more confident as you explore the waters of the Chichester Canal.....Priced at just £120 per session for up to 2 people, this session is priced so that either 1 person has a private session at £120 or 2 people can share the session at £60 each = £120......

    Either way, 1 person simply pays the £120 and lets us know if they are bringing a friend accordingly...You will explore the beauty of Chichester Canal with an unforgettable paddle boarding experience coupled with coaching tailored to meet your needs and experience level. Your experienced instructor will provide top tips and tricks to help you perfect your technique, so you can feel more confident as we hope you will explore other waters going forward ....To help you decide if you wish to do a private paddle board session, here is a brief bio of your instructors experience FINAL & V IMPORTANT NOTE REF TIMINGS & CONDITIONS FOR YOUR ACTIVITY: We aim to provide you with the safest & best learning experience for all activities that we offer and within this we have a number of variables that must come together so that we can go ahead with any of the activities we teach, such as needing to time water sessions during low tide conditions for kitesurfing or e foiling tuition, having enough wind & the correct wind direction for both wing foiling & kitesurfing lessons, + high tide conditions for wing foiling lessons, not too much wind for paddle boarding and of course waves for surfing (but not too big !) and more .....So, please understand that all times on the day that you have booked are therefore ARBITRARY & open to adjustment (adjusting for tides for example) and or even reschedule (if theres no wind for kitesurfing for example) and that you have agreed to comply with this within the terms and conditions of your booking. We will of course inform you of this the day before your chosen activity as we assess predicted conditions and tidal information the day before so we have the latest information to hand. So in short, please plan your day to be flexible around your booking as we often have to adjust start times according to weather, tide and other bookings accordingly.


    Must be able to swim 50m unaided, able bodied & injury fre

    What to bring

    Dress for the weather and the relevant activity


    This is a private session so we work on whatever it is you wish to perfect


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