1-2-2 Group E Foil (Sharing 1 board)

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  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 2 people
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    Bracklesham, GB

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    Share your E foil session with someone else & get double the fun!

    Share and experience of a lifetime with your friend or partner..

    Embark on a thrilling 2-hour group e foil experience with Wittering Watersports.

    Led by expert instructors, this adventure-packed session begins with a safety briefing and will familiarise you with the board you'll both be using. Then, we'll dive into hands-on training, initially starting with land drills before entering the water. We will progress from moving through the water lying down, kneeling, starting to foil and learning control and finally progressing to standing, as you gain confidence and proficiency.

    Throughout the session, we will provide constructive feedback and encouragement to help you maximise your progression and enjoyment. By the end of the experience, you'll walk away with newfound skills, unforgettable memories, and a deep appreciation for the exhilarating world of e foiling.

    With personalised instruction and guidance, each participant will have the opportunity to progress at their own pace and push their boundaries.

    Important Please Note: Price is £130 per person - so total £260 for 2 people - note that 1 person pays for the 2 people participating within this booking process - and you simply provide us with the name, age and their wet suit size if hiring wet suit/s of the other person before your experience date).. The price you pay is on the understanding that you are sharing a board as opposed to having a board each (this is also available as an option)

    Location: We normally meet in the beach car park by Billys Beach Cafe & Bracklesham Bay close to East & West Wittering, although we may relocate to other local spots if conditions require it.

    Teaching: We teach from the water using another e foil board, this way we can accelerate your progression as well providing active demonstration. We will also video and photo you during the session so you can post to your socials and for feedback off the water.


    Must be able to swim 50m unaided.

    What to bring:

    1. Own wetsuit (if not hiring one from us)
    2. Suitable footwear
    3. Towel


    This is a 2 hour 1-2-2 E Foiling session with the board being shared by 2 people


    We try to adhere to times set for your session but please understand that these times are open to change according to weather, tides and other session commitments that we may have on the day of your booking. We therefore ask that you leave the day free (for your activity) to be able to adapt to any time or location changes that we may have to do accordingly.

    FINAL & V IMPORTANT NOTE REF TIMINGS & CONDITIONS FOR YOUR ACTIVITY: We aim to provide you with the safest & best learning experience for all activities that we offer and within this we have a number of variables that must come together so that we can go ahead with any of the activities we teach, such as needing to time water sessions during low tide conditions for kitesurfing or e foiling tuition, having enough wind & the correct wind direction for both wing foiling & kitesurfing lessons, + high tide conditions for wing foiling lessons, not too much wind for paddle boarding and of course waves for surfing (but not too big !) and more .....So, please understand that all times on the day that you have booked are therefore ARBITRARY & open to adjustment (adjusting for tides for example) and or even reschedule (if theres no wind for kitesurfing for example) and that you have agreed to comply with this within the terms and conditions of your booking. We will of course inform you of this the day before your chosen activity as we assess predicted conditions and tidal information the day before so we have the latest information to hand. So in short, please plan your day to be flexible around your booking as we often have to adjust start times according to weather, tide and other bookings accordingly.


    Able bodied & can swim 50m

    What to bring

    Wetsuit and change of clothes

    We hire wetsuits in booking process if needed...


    This is a fun filled E foiling session for 2 people sharing 1 board - you will get wet but you'll have a great time :)


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