Visit to the historic center of Tomar

  • guided tour

  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 20 people
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    Tomar, PT

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    / adult
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  • Description

    Starting in Várzea Grande, we will walk towards Saint Mary Church, once a Cathedral and one of the most important dioceses in the country and beyond.

    Descending, we will pass by Saint Iria's Convent while enjoying one of the best views Tomar has to offer. Then, we will dive into the green garden of Mouchão where we’ll see the Mouchão Wheel, which is said to be proof of the passage of the Mors in these lands. We will be on our way again, this time to enter the former Jews’ street and where we will go back to the 15th century and the complex and fascinating Jewish history. Meanwhile, we will observe the famous corner windows, a symbol of architecture from another era. Lastly, we will finish in the main square, the city's center.

    What to bring

    Comfortable clothes and shoes


    1. Republic Square and St. John the Baptist Church
    2. Church of São João Baptista
    3. Ancient Jewry
    4. Pombal Ground
    5. Templar Mills
    6. Ancient Roman Bridge
    7. Chapel and Convent of Santa Iria
    8. Church of Santa Maria do Olival
    9. Tapas tasting (Optional Add-On)

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