A Full day In the City of Tomar

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  • 8 hrs

  • Up to 20 people
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    Tomar, PT

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    Do you wish to be a “true local”? Or perhaps a “real Templar Knight”? Then this is the perfect tour for you! Throughout this tour, you will discover what Tomar is made of, from history and culture to traditions to gastronomy and natural beauty. Embark on a fun and insightful experience through the roots of this town.

    On this tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the historical center and all the monuments that compose our town and make it such a special space, from St. Mary’s Church, once the pantheon of Templar Order, to the rare Synagogue, the civic center of the past Jewish neighborhood. In between, we will still have time to enjoy some local tapas, in a voyage through the flavours of our lands. In the afternoon, saving the best for last, you will have the opportunity to visit the town’s ex-libris, Convent of Christ, a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site, a truly sacred place. Each room and cloister is a living piece of history that you can feel. Here, the different epochs of Humanity gather in one place, forming an architectonic canvas to be envied even by the 7 Wonders of the World. The cherry on top will be the visit to the Pegões’ Aqueduct, where we will watch the sunset and wave goodbye to the city which welcomed us so well.

    And now, you certainly can call yourself a true local.

    What to bring

    Comfortable shoes and clothes.


    1. Republic Square and Saint jonh's the Baptist Church
    2. Old jewish street and Synagogue
    3. Mouchão Park
    4. Santa Maria dos Olivais Church
    5. Templar Castle of Tomar
    6. Convent of Christ
    7. Pegões aquaduct
    8. Tapas (Optional Add-On)

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