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    Haywards Heath, GB

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    A family friendly, no-impact activity, suitable for all abilities. Taking out a sit on top kayak is perfect way to explore the reservoir at your own pace and soak up some rays this summer! These boats are perfect if you are looking for a versatile activity which is fun for all ages.

    Our double kayaks are a great way to team up in pairs for a session on the water. We also highly recommend this boat for children under 9 who cannot have their own kayak, as they can be easily accompanied by an 18+.


    Terms of Use

    1. Under 16's must be accompanied on the water by an 18+ at all times. The ratio of under 16’s to 18+ is 6:1.

    2.Under 9's cannot use a single kayak, they must be accompanied on a double kayak by an 18+.

    3.Minimum age of hire without an 18+: Age 16 - they cannot supervise younger children.

    Bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable

    Qué traer
    1. Clothes you do not mind getting wet!
    2. A towel
    3. Trainers/flip flops
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