Walk, Swim & Supper

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  • 4 hrs

  • Up to 20 people
  • house-outline

    Swim The Lochs

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    Garlieston, GB

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    / adult
  • Description

    Experience three joys of life: walking, swimming, and eating in one exciting event named "Walk, Swim & Supper."

    Swim The Lochs is your guide for this multi-faceted event. Renowned for their passion for outdoor activities, they foster an enriching and memorable experience that integrates exercise and relaxation.

    The afternoon starts with a leisurely walk which serves as a perfect opportunity to warm up your muscles, and prepare for the swim. This allows you to breathe in the fresh air as we stroll along the coastline and through Galloway House Gardens.

    Following the walk, prepare to experience the exhilarating rush of sea swimming at Rigg Bay. If you are a novice swimmer, fret not, I will ensure a safe and supportive environment that caters to all levels of swimming proficiency. Or if you prefer you can just paddle!

    Afterwards we will make our way back to The Hive in Garlieston, a popular local cafe, where a delicious antipasti supper awaits you.

    Consume every moment of this 4-hour experience that promises a healthy balance of physical exertion and sensory relaxation. The stunning coastline, the exhilarating sea, and the sheer warmth of the local cuisine promises to create memories that you will cherish long after!


    You must be able to undertake a walk of approximately 45 minutes each way.

    What to bring

    You will need sensible walking shoes/boots and swim gear.


    WALK - SWIM - EAT!


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