Walk - Stalactite Cave

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  • Up to 6 people
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    Arbroath Cliff Tours

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    Arbroath, GB

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    Join us on an unforgettable adventure - a walking tour through the Stalactite Cave! The Stalactite Cave is a 300ft long seacave that fully fills up with water and can only be accessed on foot at certain times of the month. We have a short window of time to walk in and explore this incredible cave before the tide rises again.


    ⏱️Time - 1.5hrs

    📏Distance - Less than 1 mile (Total)

    💪General fitness and good mobility is essential

    👯🏻People per tour - 6 people max

    👦🏻Age - Minimum age 14 (Parents are responsible for under 18's)

    ⚠️1 parent per 1 child⚠️

    ⛑️We provide a helmet+torch🔦




    This tour has some physical requirements due to the danger of the area. There are steep cliffs and slippy rocks.

    You must -

    1. Be confident on your feet and have good mobility
    2. Have General Fitness
    3. Not afraid of heights


    The cliffs can be a dangerous environment and this tour is not suitable if you are not confident on your feet.

    There is a chance of slipping which could lead to injuries, broken bones etc...

    If you have ANY doubts in your mind about your abilities and/or have any knee or hip issues then this tour is not suitable.

    Your safety is our top priority and we want to make sure everyone is kept safe and happy.

    If you have any questions then please feel free to message for more information.

    ⚠️UNDER 18's⚠️

    Parents are fully responsible for under 18s. Our guides will of course look after you but please make sure you pay extra attention to your child to ensure your child's safety.

    The caves are dark and there is a section where you have to wade through cold water. Sometimes this can be scary for a younger person. Please make sure you child is of an adventurous mindset and is happy with walking on slippy rocks, being in cold water and dark places.

    What to bring


    🥾 Footwear (with grip) that you don't mind getting wet

    🩳Shorts/trousers or Leggings (that might get wet)

    🧥Warm Clothes


    🥾 (Dry) Footwear, A towel and socks for if you choose to continue walking afterwards

    🎒A backpack

    📱A camera or phone


    We will walk 5 minutes along the cliff path before climbing down a gentle cliff face to the entrance to the Stalactite cave. We will put our torches and helmets on then start our adventure into the incredible Stalactite Cave.

    Inside we will -

    1. Search for ancient Stalactites
    2. Look for Thumb's up rock
    3. Learn about Arbroath's fascinating Smuggling history
    4. Learn how the tides and swells work in the North Sea
    5. Look for beautiful sealife such as crabs, seabirds and sea Anemones

    You have the option of continuing your cliff walk after the tour. If so you may want to change back into your (dry) walking shoes.


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