Walking Tour - Coastal Discovery

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  • Up to 8 people
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    Arbroath, GB

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    The coastal discovery tour takes you on a fun, informative walk along the Arbroath Cliffs. We will see some stunning locations and view rock formations such as 'The Needle's eye', 'Dickmont's Den' and 'The Deils heid'.

    Explore a massive cave, search for dolphins and seabirds, Learn how the tides and swell works, Watch videos of local cliff jumpers, Hear tales from our infamous smuggling days and learn about Arbroath's unique geology.

    Feeling adventurous? You have the option to continue your walk after the tour and make a day of it. Family picnic? Swim? Why not walk all the way to Auchmithie for lunch?? :D


    ⏱️Time - 1.5hrs (+30mins return walk)

    📏Distance - 2.5 miles

    💪General fitness and good mobility is required

    👯🏻People per tour - 8 people max

    👦🏻Age - Minimum age 10 (Parents are responsible for under 18's)

    ⚠️1 parent per 1 child⚠️


    The cliffs can be a dangerous environment and this tour is not suitable if you are not confident on your feet or have any issues with walking. There is a chance of slipping which could lead to injuries, broken bones etc...

    -The total walk distance is roughly 2 miles on a walking path.

    -There are 2 sections where we walk down a rocky cliff path. If this is too difficult then you have the option to sit and relax with some binoculars and look for Dolphins😍


    Your tour will start at the Arbroath side of the cliffs and end roughly 1.3 miles along the path near 'The Mason's cave'. From here there is a steep path down to the beach to visit a cave, if this steep path is too challenging then you are able to wait by the bench which has beautiful views over Covehaven.

    From here you are free to return with your guide back to the start or continue your adventure on your own with your map and new found knowledge of the coast. Bring a picnic or go for a swim, the choice is yours :D

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    Please click on any available date, look below this then click 'Request a date'. Send me your preferred date and I will let you know if a tour is possible.



    This tour has some physical requirements due to the danger of the area. There are steep cliffs and slippy rocks.

    You must -

    1. Be confident on your feet and have general mobility
    2. Have general fitness
    3. Not afraid of heights

    This tour ends with a steep climb down a cliff path to the beach. If this is too tricky then the tour will end at the top on the path.


    The cliffs can be a dangerous environment and this tour is not suitable if you are not confident on your feet.

    There is a chance of slipping which could lead to injuries, broken bones etc...

    If you have ANY doubts in your mind about your abilities and/or have any knee or hip issues then please take extra care.

    Your safety is our top priority and we want to make sure everyone is kept safe and happy.

    If you have any questions then please feel free to message for more information.

    ⚠️UNDER 18's⚠️

    There must be a ratio of 1 parent per 1 child.

    Parents are fully responsible for under 18s. Our guides will of course look after you but please make sure you pay extra attention to your child to ensure your child's safety.

    What to bring



    🟢🥾Great options - Hiking boots, running shoes, something with Ankle support

    🟠👟Good options - grippy trainers/boots

    🔴👠Bad options - Sandals, High heels, Clown shoes, Rollerskates



    1. Shorts/trousers or Leggings
    2. Hat
    3. Sunscreen


    1. Warm Clothes
    2. Thermal under layers
    3. Rain jacket
    4. Gloves
    5. Hat


    🎒A backpack

    📱A camera or phone

    🥗A picnic

    🍫Chocolate (for your guide😂)

    1. View beautiful locations such as 'The Needle's Eye' and 'The Deils heid'
    2. Search for Dolphins, seabirds and insects
    3. Visit a cave rich in history
    4. Watch our guide's demo of how the tides and swell of the North sea work
    5. Borrow our binoculars to get a closer look at our wildlife
    6. Watch videos of Arbroath's cliff jumpers in action
    7. Hear tales of Arbroath's smuggling days
    8. View maps and photos of the special seacaves hidden deep underground
    9. Learn about Arbroath's unique sandstone geology
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