One Day Challenge Paddle - Stour Descent

  • kayaking

  • 12 hrs

  • Up to 24 people
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    Elemental Outdoors

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    / adult
  • Description

    The full river paddle is a great challenge for adventurers seeking to test their powers of endurance. At nearly 26 miles, you're tackling a 'paddlathon'!

    It is best suited to people are regularly active in their day to day lives and are capable of 'pushing through' when things start to hurt - it's not especially taxing but you're using muscle groups that don't often get worked out. 


    Each tandem kayak carries two paddlers ensuring workloads are shared and enabling 'buddy working'.


    Logistics, we meet you in the morning at the end point, Cattawade Picnic Site, where you'll leave your cars. You'll be run up to the start in Sudbury to start the paddle, you're obviously heading back downriver to your cars where we'll meet you at the end.


    Participants must be physically active in their day to day lives and practiced at 'pushing themselves' safely.

    What to bring

    Please dress for the weather, lightweight / quick dry gear is best.

    Hydrations, snacks and a sense of adventure are a must!


    0700 - 0830 Meet at the end point where you'll leave your cars for the day and join a private scheduled transfer to the start in Sudbury.

    Exact 'meet time' depends on group profile and daylight hours so varies but will be agreed in advance.

    Expect to be on the water within 45 mins of the 'meeting time' having transfered to Sudbury, been issued your kit and had a safety / river briefing.

    The first half of your adventure takes you through the tranquil and quiet upper stour to Nayland (expect a strong c.6 hours paddletime over 13-14 miles) where you'll find the riverside Anchor @ Nayland for a light lunch stop. Refuelled and reenergised, the second leg of your paddle is 12 - 13 miles and should take 5-6 hours.

    We're tracking your progress via GPS and will know when to meet you at the end with a cold beer or warm hot chocolate depending on the weather!


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