Llyn Brenig Open

  • fishing

  • 7 hrs 30 mins

  • Up to 130 people
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    Conwy, GB

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    / adult
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    / child
  • Description

    Singles fly fishing competition.

    Two anglers per boat.


    1st Prize £1000 cash.

    Loads of tackle and merchandise prizes for runners up .

    Three fish kill and catch and release a further nine fish.

    1.One rod, not exceeding 12 feet in length (3.65m) is to be used. Competitors may carry a

    spare rods, but only one rod may be used at any one time.

    2.Anchors and drift control devices are banned. A single drogue may be used.

    3.Any form of trailing/trolling is banned.

    4.The Roly-Poly style of retrieval is allowed in this competition.

    5.No boat may encroach within 50 meters of any other fishing boat.

    6.No boat may land during a match other than in a medical emergency, or as directed

    by the organiser.

    7.The winners and placings will be decided by the total weight of eligible trout caught by each


    8.All anglers are required to hold a valid Environment Agency rod license in England and


    9.All anglers are required to register with the organisers at least 30 minutes prior to the

    start of the match.

    10.Boat pairings are decided by random draw. Anglers change places every two hours, or as by

    mutual agreement and the angler at the Stern shall have control of the boat.

    11.Boat fishing can be dangerous therefore Llyn Brenig take no

    responsibility for matters of safety.

    12.The wearing of life jackets is compulsory.

    13.Anglers must cease fishing during a thunderstorm.

    14.If conditions are deemed too dangerous at any time before or during the match, the Organisers will.

    recall the boats back on the jetty.

    15. This competition is a special event therefore season ticket holders or fishing club members will pay to enter the competition.

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