Wing Foil Takeoff Lessons (b)

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  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 2 people
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    Southampton, GB

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    Having completed our Wingsurf Taster Session, you now ready to take flight with our Wing Foil Taster Session. 

    With the basics of wingsurfing mastered, the next step is to introduce a foil board and foil rather than a paddleboard. Our expert instructors will guide you through mastering the foil board and foil techniques, preparing you for those thrilling first flights on the water. 

    Our wingfoil taster session is designed to introduce you to the excitement of flying above the water in a controlled way that sees you progress and develop your new skills further still.

    We provide all the latest equipment, ensuring you have the best tools to achieve your goals and become proficient in this exhilarating sport.

    1. Ratio: Maximum of 2 pupils to 1 Instructor (Minimum 2 persons)
    2. Requirements: Completion of our Wingsurf Lesson is required.
    3. What's included: Instructor led session, Safety Boat, Board, Foil, Wing & leashes, Helmet, and Buoyancy Aid. If required, wetsuits are available to hire. 
    4. Arrival should be 30 minutes prior to booking. Parking fees are included for 3 hours (30 minutes prior & 30 minutes after the lesson). 
    5. Changing facilities and showers are available on site.


    Completion of our Wingsurf Lesson is required.

    Or proof of other wingsurf lesson completion.

    Otherwise a competency lesson may be required to progress onto Foil.

    Minimum age at the time of the session is 18 years old.

    What to bring

    Footwear you are comfortable with getting wet.

    If you have a wetsuit please bring it with you. Alternatively, you can hire a wetsuit at the time of your booking.

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