E-Foil Experience

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  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 2 people
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    Southampton, GB

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    Foiling is one thing but Electric Foils powering you above the waters surface are simply awesome. and far easier to master than you might think.

    Watersports like surfing and even foiling itself can take a while to learn. This is mainly because just how inefficent the learning process can be: you paddle, you catch a wave, you stand up, you fall in and repeat. Where as an efoil being powered means that in comparison the effort and energy you expend is minimal espcially as you can tailor the speed and power to match your level. This means that it perfectly reasonable to expect to achieve flight in your session with many people being able to stand up within half an hour with little to no previous experience. Once on foil, the sensation itself is only rivalled by literal flight itself or the best power skiing you have ever experienced.

    Your eFoil experience will consist of an onshore briefing, introduction to the efoil and its controls, a talk through technique before taking to the water. Once of the water you will be shadowed by your instructor in one of our Safety Boats for the duration of one battery charge (approx 60 minutes).

    Come experience EFoiling for yourself and fly across the water with us.

    1. Ratio: Maximum of 2 pupils with 2 eFoil's to 1 Instructor (Minimum 2 persons)
    2. What's included: Instructor led session, Safety Boat, EFoil (1 per participant), Helmet, and Buoyancy Aid. If required, wetsuits are available to hire. 
    3. Changing facilities and showers are available on site.

    1. No previous experience is required.
    2. Minimum age at the time of the session is 18 years old.
    3. Participant must weigh under 100kg.
    4. Arrival should be 30 minutes prior to booking. Parking fees are included for 3 hours (30 minutes prior & 30 minutes after the lesson). 

    What to bring
    1. Footwear you are comfortable with getting wet.
    2. If you have a wetsuit please bring it with you. Alternatively, you can hire a wetsuit at the time of your booking.

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