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    Sometimes you just want the time with an experienced coach to ask your questions, discuss your paddling, pick the brains of an experienced paddler and passionate outdoor pursuits coach, or simply have a competent person alongside you for confidence.

    Well, that is what our bespoke 1:2 coaching days in sea kayaking (open canoeing also available) are all about. You!

    I've worked in the industry for over 30 years (land and water-based) and will draw upon this diversity of experiences to help you develop your skills, confidence, understanding, etc. as appropriate to you and your aspirations.

    There is no fixed agenda for the day and we can spend as much of the day on land discussing equipment and planning strategies or on water developing techniques and strategies and implementing the plan as you wish.

    You are welcome to bring your own equipment as long as it is fit for purpose and your buoyancy aid is CE marked and less than five years old.

    The cost includes a 1:2 'Zoom' or Skype meeting prior to the day so that we can get to know each other and begin to identify what you are looking for and, perhaps, what you need. It will certainly enable me to begin to plan the best day possible for you - or to know when to call it off if it is too challenging!

    If you are a complete novice to kayaking (or open canoeing), please get in touch first so we can discuss whether this is the right option for you or whether you would be better off attending one of our day long journeys first.

    This is your day, so be prepared to work hard to get the most out of it.

    Our bookig system says 'per adult', but it should be 'per booking'. We typically find that it is couples that want coaching so have made these 1:2 days. If you are wanting a 1:1, it will be the same price, so go ahead and book this and let us know.


    The requirements for a 1:2 coaching day are pretty straightforwards. You should:

    1. have an average level of fitness,
    2. have some experience of kayaking (or canoeing if choosing that),
    3. be prepared to work hard and ask lots of questions,
    4. be 18 years or over.

    You may be asked to help move equipment or load boats onto trailers/roof racks.

    Don't worry if:

    1. you are over 6'3" (190cm) or 15 stone (95kg),
    2. lack experience,
    3. you have a specific medical or dietary need.

    If any of these apply to you or you have any questions about your suitability, then please get in touch with us before booking.

    Beginners may opt for a 1:2 coaching day, but please call us to discuss before booking.

    What to bring
    1. Clothes for paddling appropriate to the the weather
    2. Towel
    3. Change of clothes
    4. Your own paddling equipment if you prefer (including buoyancy aid, spraydeck and paddle)
    5. Sunhat
    6. Suncream & lip balm
    7. Sunglasses with retainer cord
    8. Gloves & beanie hat (if cold)
    9. Shoes to wear whilst kayaking (they will get wet)
    10. Reusable water bottle
    11. Flask if you prefer hot drinks during the day
    12. Snacks whilst paddling (optional)
    13. Personal medication
    14. Personal accident & possessions insurance

    This will be decided in advance - a Skype or Zoom is included as this is often the best way for us to discuss and agree targets for 1:2 coaching days.

    You may well be paddling for up to five hours of the day with a short lunch break. this will be guided by you and you will be able to rest when appropriate if you need a break or to ask questions.

    Otherwise, it will be focussed on developing YOUR paddling not my coaching.

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