Bat Paddle SUP

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  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 12 people
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    Keynsham, GB

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    Stand up for conservation!

    Under 18's accompanied by an adult on the water

    For paddlers who have passed their ready to ride or equivalent. You need to be able to paddle to a reasonable standard for this trip.

    Come and join us for a paddle at dusk on the Bristol Avon to see some of its local Bats and elusive wildlife.

    £10pp of your session price is donated to the Bat Conservation Project:

    We will paddle from our slipway to a few areas now for a range of bats. As the light fades, watch these amazing creatures glide inches above the waters surface. Listen to them communicate and hunt on our bat detectors while you immerse yourselves in to their world.

    Please note: Rain can cancel this event as the Bats will not come out. In this instance we would either offer a full refund or reschedule for another date.

    As the temperature can dip a few degrees as the sun sets we would suggest a coat and hat to this session.

    Arriving on site:

    As you drive over the small humpback bridge, take the next right to Avon Valley Farm before you enter the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park. Follow this road, over a couple of speed bumps and turn left, following the signs where you will arrive at our car park. Please head to the reception to book in.

    If you are following a sat nav then type in BS31 1TS.

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    Customer Notice: You will be on the River Avon (between Bath and Bristol), which is home to various wildlife up and down the river. Like any other open-water source, please do your best not to ingest the water as there is a small risk that you could catch something as the river is accessed by the local wildlife. Should you feel ill after the session, please let us know asap so we can keep track of your progress. Should it worsen, please see your local GP and let them know you have been playing in the river so they can perform the correct medical checks.

    1. Completed ready to ride or equivalent.
    2. Under 18's accompanied by an adult on the water.
    3. Children over the age of 12.
    4. Able to swim 25 metres.
    What to bring
    1. Swimwear, Shorts/Boardies
    2. Old trainers/water boots
    3. Towel
    4. Glasses strap if needed
    5. Wetsuit if owned as will fit better, if not we will have them onsite.
    6. Water or drink
    7. Coat and warm hat

    All other equipment will be supplied.

    Wetsuit hire is £5

    1. Introduction
    2. Easy paddle
    3. Watch Bats
    4. Listen to bats
    5. Surroundings/Wildlife
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