Pete Howard Party - Sword Combat

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  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 17 people
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    Keynsham, GB

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    Battle Royale - Sword Combat Adults Only

    Minimum 2 to run the session, Max 5 per group (at this point in time)

    Once you are ready, you will receive some general sword training before battling it out with our single sword, double swords, sword, and shield, as well as sword and axes.. oh yes.. we've got it all!..

    Bring out your inner warrior!

    Please note that this is a full LARP combat activity, so bring some extra layers as there are some gaps in the body . The body is designed to give you more mobility during the session, so the joints are exposed in some areas.

    What is LARP Combat?

    LARP Combat or Live-Action Role-playing Combat is using foam weapons in an activity. The general rules we follow have been adapted to our session to ensure participants are safe when engaged with the activity. Please note that this is not HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). We do not allow full contact (punching, kicking, grappling) in our session.

    Please note that all of our equipment is regularly cleaned before and after your arrival. We provide you with alcohol spray to reduce cross-contamination.

    Arriving on site:

    As you drive over the small humpback bridge, take the next right to Avon Valley Farm before you enter the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park. Follow this road, over a couple of speed bumps and turn left, following the signs where you will arrive at our car park. Please head to the reception to book in.

    If you are following a sat nav then type in BS31 1TS.

    What3Words: ///evenly.feeds.smiles

    1. 18 and over
    2. Spectators welcome
    3. Must be fit to participate.
    4. Any injuries must be forwarded prior to booking in. (No shoulders, wrist, knee injuries as it is a workout and you will be moving around a lot)

    What to bring
    1. Spare change of clothes.
    2. Extra layer of clothes for padding Please note that this is a full combat activity, so bring some extra layers as there are some gaps in the body armour.
    3. Contact lenses (if you wear glasses, we have limited amount of masks which take on glasses).
    4. Food and Drink.
    1. 10-15 minutes Intro and Safety Brief
    2. Training
    3. Combat
    4. Training with different weapons
    5. More combat
    6. End challenge (depending on group size)

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