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  • Adventure SUP Club

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    • Up to 20 people
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      Bristol, GB

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      A fun and exclusive club for lovers of paddle boarding, where you will have the opportunity to meet like minded people, learn new skills in and around the water, and take part in fun paddle boarding games. Club sessions will be held fortnightly for 2 hours. Paddlers are encouraged to bring all their own equipment (especially safety gear), but you are also welcome if you don't own a board as you can hire one from us!

      Sessions this year will occur fortnightly (starting from 19th April) on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for approximately 2 hours.

      The sessions will include:

      Group Paddles

      Bat Paddles

      Health and safety on the water

      SUP Olympics

      Race Night

      Game Day

      Full Day Paddle

      The paddles will have limited numbers on the water so book now a secure your spot.

      1. Able to swim 25 metres.
      2. Have had paddling experience.
      3. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult

      What to bring
      1. Swimwear, Shorts/Boardies
      2. Old trainers/water boots
      3. Towel
      4. Glasses strap if needed
      5. Wetsuit if owned
      6. Water or drink
      7. Hand gel
      8. PPE if needed

      All other equipment will be supplied, if requiered

      1. Learn about the environment and wildlife around the area
      2. Safety on the water
      3. Tips from an experienced instructor to improve techniques, and to provide information for planning trips
      4. Rescue techniques
      5. Paddleboard racing techniques
      6. Fun games in and around the water


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