RYA Sailing with Spinnakers

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  • 3 days

  • Up to 6 people
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    Southampton Water Activities Centre

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    Southampton, GB

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    This is a 3 day activity

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    A spinnaker is a large sail used when going down wind to maximise speed, it is attached at the front, hoisted when needed and dropped back into a bag or shoot when sailing upwind. This course shows you how to go faster down-wind using that third sail. You will cover rigging, hoisting, trimming, gybing and dropping the spinnaker. The course can be delivered in dinghies, keel boats or multihulls. You also have the choice of using the classic symmetric spinnaker or the simpler asymmetric version.

    Please note that refunds will not be issued if you pay with a card and later wish to pay with childcare vouchers


    Developing sailors who have completed Basic Skills Level 2 or Better Sailing Level 3.

    What to bring


    Participants should bring a packed lunch, you are welcome to use the fridge and microwave at the centre. Alternatively, lunch can be purchased from nearby shops and restaurants.


    Hot drinks and water are available from the Centre.


    We do have a small safe onsite that can hold phones and car keys, however we suggest leaving expensive valuables at home.

    Clothing List

    We will provide all specialist equipment such as buoyancy aids, wetsuits and waterproofs.

    We advise you bring:

    1. Closed toe footwear
    2. Warm layers would be useful such as a fleece or jumper. It can be much cooler on the water.
    3. Woolly hat / Sun hat
    4. Change of clothes - other than the ones you will wear afloat

    Towel, Sun Glasses & security strap, sun screen.


    For more information about the full RYA National Sailing Scheme syllabus, please click here


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