Chocolate Tasting Tours

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  • Up to 6 people
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    London Mystery Walks

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    The weekly Chocolate Tasting Tours led by a former Coffee & Cocoa trader with over 25 years of experience as a London tour guide promise a delightful and educational experience for chocolate enthusiasts. Here are the key highlights and details of these tours.

    Expert Guide:

    Led by a former Coffee & Cocoa trader with extensive knowledge and passion for chocolate, the tours offer insider insights into the world of artisan chocolatiers and the chocolate industry as a whole.

    Location and Focus:

    The tours take place in London's prestigious Mayfair district, known for its luxury and fine dining establishments. Participants visit some of the finest artisan chocolatiers in the area, experiencing their craftsmanship firsthand.

    Chocolate Tasting Experience:

    During the tour, participants have the opportunity to sample a variety of chocolates, including truffles and ganaches, crafted by skilled artisans. This tasting session allows guests to appreciate the nuanced flavors and quality of each chocolate creation.

    Educational Component:

    Throughout the tour, the guide shares interesting facts and stories about chocolate, its history, production methods, and the journey from cocoa bean to delectable treat. Participants gain a deeper understanding of chocolate-making processes and its cultural significance.

    Special Tour Discounts:

    Tour participants receive special discounts on any purchases made during the tour. This provides an added incentive to explore and indulge in the chocolates sampled during the experience.

    Booking and Availability:

    Interested individuals can typically book these tours through specific tour companies or directly through the guide's platform, depending on availability and scheduling. It's recommended to book in advance, especially during peak seasons or holidays.

    Personalized Experience:

    The tours are designed to be interactive and personalized, allowing participants to engage with the guide and ask questions about chocolate, trade practices, and recommendations for further exploration.

    Group Size and Duration:

    Tours often accommodate small to medium-sized groups to ensure a more intimate and enjoyable experience. The duration of the tour may vary but typically lasts a few hours, depending on the number of stops and activities included.

    These Chocolate Tasting Tours in Mayfair offer a delightful blend of indulgence and education, making them a perfect choice for chocolate lovers looking to deepen their appreciation for fine chocolates while exploring London's culinary scene.


    📍Moderate amount of walking. Wheelchair friendly.

    📍We Charge a £5.00 rescheduling fee.

    📍Cancellation 48 hours minimum for full refund.

    📍Booking is essential.

    📍No refunds for no shows or late arrivals.

    What to bring

    Copy of ticket.

    Would suggest a small bottle of water.

    Wear comftable walking shoes.


    Visit 3 or 4 locations trying samples which are included in the price of the ticket, plus receive a tour discount for any purchases made during the tour.


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