Jack the Ripper Mystery Walks

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  • 1 hr 45 mins

  • Up to 10 people
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    London Mystery Walks

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    Greater London, GB

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    Expertise and Experience:

    Paul Mansfield, a seasoned Ripperologist and London tour guide, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the tours. His extensive experience allows him to offer detailed explanations and theories about the Jack the Ripper murders.

    Historical Locations:

    Participants visit the actual locations in Whitechapel where the Jack the Ripper murders occurred in 1888. This includes exploring the atmospheric streets and alleys where the crimes took place, providing a vivid sense of the historical context.

    Visual Aids:

    During the tour, Paul Mansfield showcases historical photos of the victims and suspects associated with the Jack the Ripper case. This visual element helps participants connect with the individuals involved and the impact of the crimes on Victorian society.

    Interactive Experience:

    The tours aim to engage participants actively in solving the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Paul Mansfield encourages discussion and questions, inviting tour-goers to consider various theories and interpretations of the evidence.

    Educational and Engaging Narrative:

    Paul Mansfield presents a compelling narrative that blends historical facts with intriguing speculations. Participants gain insights into the social conditions, investigative methods, and cultural impact of the Jack the Ripper murders.

    Booking and Availability:

    Interested individuals can typically book Paul Mansfield's tours through specific tour companies or directly via his own platform, depending on availability and scheduling.

    It's advisable to check in advance due to the popularity of these tours.

    Paul Mansfield's Jack the Ripper tours cater to both history enthusiasts and those intrigued by true crime mysteries. They offer a memorable opportunity to explore London's darker history while delving into the enigma that continues to fascinate people worldwide.


    📍Moderate amount of walking involved. Wheelchair friendly.

    📍Reschedule fee £5.00

    📍Cancellation min 48 hours before event.

    📍No shows or late arrivals no refunds.

    What to bring

    Copy of ticket


    Meet outside Aldgate tube station where You will check in with the tour guide. Then the tour guide will introduce himself to the group and explain the things we will see and talk about during this tour.


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