How to start up your own business

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  • 2 hrs 30 mins

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    Greater London, GB

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    Business coaching for startups and small businesses who are looking to grow there business idea and are not sure what to do next. Are you fed up with the 9am to 5pm and being told what to do and not listened to. Do you want to be your own boss and decide your future and learn how to start your own business? This coaching will help you. I am a former business manager at RBS and Natwest banks and have helped hundreds of small businesses and startups to grow and learn how to start up your own business idea. I have also run my own businesses for over 20 years. Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to take charge of your future and start a business? Look no further! London Mystery Walks is offering an incredible 3-hour business coaching session designed to provide startups and small businesses with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources needed to begin their journey. With guidance from a former manager at RBS & Natwest banks, who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and been running his own successful businesses for over 20 years, this coaching will empower you to be your own boss and confidently build the business of your dreams. Join us on this amazing journey as we explore all aspects of starting up a business – from market research & legal advice to financial planning & networking tips – so that you can make informed decisions about what


    📍Willing to listen and learn.

    📍Minimum age 18 years old.

    📍Reschedule fee £5.00

    📍Cancellation minimum 48 hours before event.

    📍No shows and later arrivals no refunds.

    What to bring

    Note pad and pen and ticket.

    Laptop or tablet if you want.

    Drinks and snacks are provided.

    Bring a Face mask and face covering (Optional).


    1. What type of business Entity.

    2. Business banking.

    3. Applying for finance.

    4. How to write a business plan.

    5. Marketing your business.

    6. Accounts and Tax.

    7. Social media.

    8. Networking.

    9. Questions time.

    10. Receive information leaflets.

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