Three Rivers expedition

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  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 8 people
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    Surrey, GB

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    Hack through the jungle on a paddleboard, and discover some secret spots on amazingly tranquil and hidden little rivers.

    This paddleboarding trip takes you on the Thames, Mole and Ember rivers, departing from Dittons Beach / Aragon Avenue in Thames Ditton.

    Experienced paddlers only, comfortable with scrambling up river banks, through vegetation and up ladders.

    We usually need a minimum of 3 people for this trip to run, so bring your friends. Or drop us an email if it's just one or two of you, and we may be able to work something out!


    For this trip you need to be a competent paddleboarder, comfortable with paddling for several hours at a time, and capable of manoeuvring your board in quite narrow spaces. You do not need to be a proficient swimmer, but should be comfortable with falling into water while wearing a buoyancy aid.

    You will need to be fit and comfortable with scrambling up river banks, through vegetation and up ladders for this trip.

    Before taking part, please make Paddle Richmond staff aware of any significant medical condition/disability that may affect your ability to participate, or to understand instructions. If you have any doubts regarding fitness to participate, please contact Paddle Richmond to discuss your concerns in advance, or seek medical advice from a doctor.

    We advise that you do not participate in paddleboarding if you are pregnant. If you do so, it is at your own risk.

    Finally, you will need to shower / wash thoroughly after the session if you have fallen in or been splashed, and need to ensure that any open cuts are covered. Note that there are no shower or toilet facilities at Ditton's Beach or on the trip.

    What to bring

    Bring a machete, saw, bivvy bag and emergency rations...only kidding.

    No specialist clothing is required, but no jeans please, as cotton gets very cold when wet. In warm weather, ordinary quick drying gym gear will be fine (shorts/leggings/T-shirt/fleece). In cooler weather, bring an extra layer or two, and a waterproof jacket in case it rains. Please arrive wearing the clothes you intend to paddle in.

    We usually paddle barefoot, but please bring some water shoes, or old sandals, flip flops or trainers that you don't mind getting wet as there a few portage points, where we have to carry the boards on land.

    If it’s sunny please bring an old baseball hat and sun cream.

    Also, please bring extra layers, a towel and a change of clothes just in case you take a little dip during the trip.

    You may also want to bring a dry bag for spare waterproof/warm clothing, and any medications you may need and your phone in a waterproof pouch. If you are worried about losing sunglasses please use a sunglasses strap, or buy one from us for £5. And please bring a bottle of water and a snack for the trip.

    You will be using our paddleboard and paddle. Buoyancy aids are provided and are compulsory on all our sessions.


    Your session will start with a safety briefing on the riverbank.

    We will then head out onto the river, upstream towards Hampton Court Bridge before we branch off into the river Mole - where the adventure really starts...


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