Hampton Court to Richmond Expedition

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  • 4 hrs

  • Up to 6 people
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    Surrey, GB

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    On this one way adventure, you will be paddling on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Thames, initially upstream to Molesey Lock in order to get the best view of Hampton Court Palace, and after that downstream towards Thames Ditton, Surbiton, Kingston, Teddington and then on to Richmond. The trip usually takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours from start to finish, depending on conditions on the day.

    Children over 13 may go on this trip but please call us on 0203 488 1785 to discuss before booking

    We will meet you at Ditton Beach (equidistant from Hampton Court or Thames Ditton railway stations). After a safety briefing we will start on our one-way trip to Richmond. This is a fantastic point-to-point trip, exploring hidden islands, and passing through town and countryside, and will include a stop for a coffee and/or a bite to eat.

    Note that this trip is currently only open to those who have paddled with us on the Thames previously, and is not suitable for Beginners.

    Can I bring my dog?

    No, these sessions are for humans only. If you'd like to paddleboard with your dog, book one of our Doggy Paddle sessions here: https://widget.eola.co/utfsj/activities/sup-doggy-paddle


    For this trip you need to be a competent paddleboarder, comfortable with paddling for several hours at a time.

    You do not need to be a proficient swimmer, but should be comfortable with falling into water while wearing a buoyancy aid.

    Before taking part, please make Paddle Richmond staff aware of any significant medical condition/disability that may affect your ability to participate, or to understand instructions. If you have any doubts regarding fitness to participate, please contact Paddle Richmond to discuss your concerns in advance, or seek medical advice from a doctor.

    We advise that you do not participate in paddleboarding if you are pregnant. If you do so, it is at your own risk.

    You will need to shower / wash thoroughly after the session if you have fallen in or been splashed, and need to ensure that any open cuts are covered. Note that we do not have shower facilities at Richmond.

    What to bring

    Please arrive ready to go - there are no toilets, changing or storage facilities at our launch point at Ditton Beach. Toilets may be available in cafes or pubs that we pass on the way. There are rudimentary changing facilities at the finish point. As this is a one-way trip , it is advisable to bring a dry-bag that you can keep your belongings in for the trip. We will have one or two spare drybags available, or you can buy one from us if you'd prefer. We recommend a spare waterproof/warm clothing, money, any medications you may need and your phone in a waterproof pouch. 

    No specialist clothing is required, but no jeans or cotton please, as cotton gets very cold when wet. In warm weather, swimwear or ordinary quick drying gym gear will be fine (shorts/leggings/T-shirt/fleece). 

    Please bring some water shoes, or old sandals, flip flops or trainers that you don't mind getting wet to take with you and to wear when we stop during the session.

    If it’s sunny please bring a hat and sun cream, and a bottle of water.

    You will be using our paddleboard and paddle. 

    If you are worried about losing sunglasses please use a sunglasses strap, or buy one from us for £5.

    Buoyancy aids are provided and are compulsory on all our sessions.


    Your session will start with a safety briefing on the riverbank. This typically takes 10-15 minutes depending on group size.

    We will then head out onto the river, firstly upstream to Molesey Lock in order to get the best view of Hampton Court Palace, and after that we turn downstream towards Thames Ditton, Surbiton, Kingston, Teddington and then on to Richmond.

    *The exact length of time taken to reach Richmond will depend on the river and wind conditions on the day, but is typically 3.5 to 4 hours.


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