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    On your rental session you will be able to explore Brentford and the Grand Union Canal/River Brent from Brentford Lock without an instructor.

    Stable Sit on Top Kayaks and Canadian Canoes are available to rent without previous experience. You can stay local for a practice before heading off on a trip once you are confident. If you are not confident to rent why not book out an instructor who can teach you the basics and take you on a guided tour.

    A staff member will give the equipment out to you but you will paddle the canals independently, explore the waterways in the heart of London without an instructor and at your own pace - you can stop or paddle for the duration of your rental.

    For larger groups or longer durations get in touch to see if a discount may be available.

    For SUP - Please be aware that if you are not able to safely launch and manoeuvre your Paddleboard independently you may be asked to exit the water (in this case you will not be refunded for the cost of rental).

    SUP rental is only available to people who have good previous SUP experience. Please do not attempt to rent equipment if you are not confident in your ability to paddle independently and safely!

    There can be traffic on the canals (narrow canal boats) and you have to be able to manoeuvre safely. If you don't feel confident in your ability to paddle independently and do not have the experience required please book on to one of our coach led trips.


    For SUP you must have previous experience to rent! You should be able to paddle safely without instruction and be confident in self rescue.

    For Canoes they are very stable boats but there is always a very small chance of capsize if you lean to one side (a lot!)

    Check out the video below just in case!

    What to bring

    We advise checking the weather forecast before your session and dressing appropriately based on the weather conditions on the day - taking wind and rain factor into account. 

    Bring a change of clothes and footwear to wear on water (read below detailed guidance).

    We do not provide dry bags. 

    To Bring:

    Shoes you will wear on a SUP (depending on the time of year - read below)

    Spare clothes and a towel (in case you fall in and need to dry yourself or shower - please note there are limited shower facilities at Paddington) 

    Sun protection (sunscreen and sun hat)

    Retainer for your glasses

    Refillable water bottle

    Dry bag if you are planning to take things with you on water including waterproof phone case for your phone. 

    Warmer weather

    Quick drying

    sportswear/gymwear - short or long sleeve tops, leggings, shorts, quick drying trousers (avoid denim and heavy cotton - it can get heavy when wet and holds moisture making you chill down quickly).

    Footwear - neoprene water shoes are best. If you don't have these, don't worry. On your short rental outing you should be fine wearing a pair of flat sole trainers/converse/ hiking sandals with a heel strap - anything that will stay on your feet, footwear with a sturdy flat sole that you don't mind getting wet. Avoid flip- flops as hey will fall off your feet and you can lose them. We avoid barefoot paddling because of the risks of injury and infection (canals are shallow and if you fall in you may end up standing on the bottom in whatever might be collected there and cut your foot). 

    Light windproof/waterproof jacket or a spare top if you think you will get chilly. 

    Spare jumper/throw on top you may wish to put on after exercising to warm up and stay cosy. 

    Colder weather

    Windproof/waterpoof light jacket.

    Thermal top. 

    In colder weather we strongly advise wearing light thermals and wetsuits and a wooly hat (we lose lots of heat through the head!) We have a selection of wetsuits that can be borrowed on our sessions. You may wish to wear a bigger wetsuit with tight fitting layer under - a baselayer and a pair of leggings. 

    Footwear in colder weather is very important - your feet will get cold! We recommend neoprene shoes and boots and in very cold weather neoprene socks as well.

    Spare clothes, warm jumper/throw on cosy top are essential in winter to keep you warm after exercise.

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