KEW Doggy Paddle

  • paddleboarding

  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 12 people
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    Active 360 Paddleboarding

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    London, GB

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  • Description

    Bring your dog on board! This group trip is for doggy's (and their owners).

    This is a great trip to introduce your pup to SUP with other like minded dogs (and people).

    We will be going out at Low tide - the last of the outgoing tide where there is less flow in the river and lots of foreshore (beach) for the dogs to get out where necessary. We won't plan to go too far from base so don't worry if you aren't sure how your dog will take to it. We will ease them into it slowly from the bank whilst giving the humans some on land training on how to paddle and self rescue as adding a dog to your board does make it a little bit less stable!



    A certain level of flexibility to stand up but you may spend a bit more time on your knees than usual depending on how fidgety your dog is.

    We don't have any trained dog handlers just enthusiastic coaches - some of who have their own dogs.

    What to bring

    You will need to purchase a PFD for your dog before the session.

    You can bring water and treats with you on board.

    A change of clothes in case you take a dip and a towel to dry your furry friend.

    What to wear/bring?

    Remember to check weather forecast and dress accordingly.

    In warm weather (spring/summer):

    1. gym/jogging type quick drying 'technical' clothing
    2. footwear is essential - neoprene/water shoes are best, if not a spare pair of trainers or old sandals (with a heel strap) will do. Your feet will get wet! NO FLIP FLOPS (you may lose them in the water and the river mud)
    3. change of clothes and a towel just in case you take a little dip during your SUP lesson
    4. extra layers to put on after the activity (exercise makes us feel a bit chilly after)
    5. waterproof case for your phone if you are planning to take it on water with you
    6. retainers for your glasses/sunglasses (don't lose them!)
    7. wetsuits are available on site if required
    8. sunscreen is a MUST in the summer even on an overcast day.
    9. make sure you arrive HYDRATED to your session (please start drinking water 1- 2 hrs before your session and drink plenty of water!)

    Where can I leave my belongings?

    There are no lockers on site but personal belongings (in a bag) can be left in the arches.


    We will start with a land based safety briefing and on land lesson before getting the dogs associated with the boards and setting off for a short journey with the tide up towards Barnes and back.


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