Intermediate Coasteering

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  • 2 hrs 30 mins

  • Up to 12 people
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    Cornish Rock Tors Ltd

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    Cornwall, GB

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  • Description

    Our most popular and highly acclaimed activity!

    Like the Introduction the activity Includes a mix of swimming, scrambling over rocks, exploring caves, some climbing above deep water and jumping into the sea. Features will be chosen depending on ability of the group.

    1. For adults and confident teenagers (14+).The route is adapted to the groups needs.

    2. 2 hours taking part in the activity.

    1. Includes the use of all necessary equipment, including a warm 5mm wetsuit, thick-soled wetsuit boots, a buoyancy aid and a helmet.

    2. Optional features - Some small jumps, scrambles, swims and exits are unavoidable BUT larger jumps, caves and challenging climbs are all optional. Challenge by choice!

    1. May go out in rougher sea conditions than the Introduction.

    1. ·We ask that preferably children under 16 years old are accompanied by an adult. If this is not possible then please get in touch to discuss alternatives.


    Coasteering can be a very physical activity!

    Ensure that all participants:

    1. Can swim at least 50mtrs unaided.

    1. Are comfortable wearing restrictive water sports equipment.

    1. Feel confident they can tolerate up to 2hours of physical exertion.

    1. Do not have any physical or mental conditions which will affect their balance, vision or coordination.

    If all criteria are not met then please get in touch prior to the activity to provide further information.

    What to bring

    Please note - we don’t have any indoor changing facilities, therefore you will be getting changed on the beach or grass, so please bring a changing robe or large towel.

    1. Arrive at HQ on time.
    2. Meet your guides.
    3. Get fitted and changed into necessary equipment (provided).
    4. You can leave bags/clothes with us in our lock-up.
    5. Briefing on activity, route and conditions at waters edge.
    7. Back to the beach.
    8. Get changed into warm/dry clothes.
    9. Refuel - We sell hot drinks, ice cream and snacks at our HQ.


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