Launch your own - Pizza & Paddle

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  • Up to 20 people
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    Llandegfedd Visitor & Activity Centre

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    Explore Llandegfedd Lake in a facilitated social session with one of our instructors.

    This is a social session, feel free to explore at your pleasure, the instructor will be available on the water at all times if you want some paddling tips.

    Your paddle session will be 1 hour followed by 30 minutes of food in the café, allowing time to change.

    As a self-launcher you bring with you your own equipment and must adhere to the self launch rules including: wearing a suitable buoyancy aid, hold your own third party public liability insurance and ensure your craft is in good working condition and used in accordance with its intended use and follow our self launch policies.

    The minimum age allowed on the water is 5 years.

    5 to 7 years old - Can be on a craft with a responsible adult aged 18+

    8 to 13 years old - Can paddle own craft, whilst supervised by a responsible adult aged 18+ on the water

    14 to 17 years old - Can paddle own craft with a responsible adult aged 18+ on site that is contactable in the case of an emergency

    Please note we only allow 1 person per paddleboard, except in the case of a child aged 5 - 13 years old. In this instance 1 child aged 5 to 13 years old can join 1 adult on a paddleboard, provided that the manufacturers maximum weight recommendation is not exceeded.


    Safety is our number one priority. In the event of poor weather conditions (e.g. strong winds or thunder and lightning) or other incidents we reserve the right to restrict water access to particular user groups, restrict the area available for activities, cancel sessions or close the lake. We will endeavour to give advance notice whenever possible; however sometimes decisions need to be made at short notice. If we close the lake, we will add a message to our website and endeavour to contact all customers impacted to offer the opportunity to reschedule their session or receive a refund.


    ·Canoes: Craft must be fitted with sufficient buoyancy to remain floating above the gunwale line when full of water.

    ·Dinghies: One person aboard must hold RYA Stage 3 or RYA Level 2 Basic Skills.

    ·Closed Cockpit Kayaks: minimum of 2 paddlers with or without spray deck and must be fitted with sufficient buoyancy to remain floating when full of water.

    ·Sit on Top Kayaks: must have inherent buoyancy.

    ·Paddleboards: Paddlers must always be leashed to the board. A maximum of 1 adult and 1 child aged 5-7 years will be allowed per paddleboard, subject to the manufacturer’s maximum user weight guidelines.

    ·Windsurfers: Must hold RYA Stage 3 / RYA Start Windsurfing.

    ·Wing boarders: Must be able to sail upwind in light wind conditions.


    ·All access is from the watersport bay outside the watersports centre. Windsurfers are permitted to leave their kit at the edge of the headland and walk around the foreshore to take it off the headland for water access, but must not climb or jump off the headland.

    ·Foiling is permitted, this activity may be zoned during peak times.

    ·The launching of inflatables and beach toys is strictly prohibited.

    ·Inflatable canoes and kayaks must have a minimum of 3 air chambers (N.B. if the craft cannot be safely paddled a distance to shore after sustaining a puncture, it will not be deemed safe to be used on site).

    ·There will be a control boat on the water whenever the water is in use, which will provide assistance if required.

    ·Last launch is 45 minutes before the end of the session (12.15pm & 4pm). Water closes at 4.45pm daily unless advertised otherwise.

    ·Biosecurity rules are in place and users should follow the national Check, Clean, Dry biosecurity guidance as Llandegfedd contains the highly invasive Zebra Mussel.


    1.Make sure you arrive in good time and have signed all relevant disclaimers and medical declarations in advance

    2.Check in at the Activity Centre reception

    3.Changing rooms and lockers are available

    4.A safety briefing will be provided at the start of your session.

    5.Please be aware that the last launching time is 45 minutes before the end of the session (12.15pm, 4pm, or 7pm during evening opening.)


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