Pike Fishing Day - Boat

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    Llandegfedd Visitor & Activity Centre

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    New Inn, GB

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    Fishing dates

    Pike fishing is permitted on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout March and October.

    Permit allocation

    Pike permits are available for a maximum of 7 boats each day. Bank permits are also available and a maximum of ten will be issued each day.

    If booking for 2 people, please select 'add on' and choose 2nd person in boat for no extra charge.

    The Lake is generously stocked for anglers with bank and boat fishing available for rainbow and brown trout. The Lake allows for a variety of approaches to Trout Fishing ranging from easy access worm fishing along the East Bank or more challenging fly fishing where anglers can stalk trout using a variety of lures, nymphs and dry fly.

    In addition to rainbow trout and a small head of wild brown trout the reservoir is home to large numbers of coarse fish which include bream, roach, dace, eels and pike. The reservoir is well known for its large pike and Llandegfedd still holds the UK Pike record of 46lb 13oz!


    Llandegfedd Reservoir

    Pike Fishing Terms and Conditions


    Environmental agency fishing license required.


    Fish welfare Is at the forefront here at Llandegfedd Reservoir.

    A maximum of two suitable rods may be used at any one time. Rods must be no more than one metre apart when fishing.

    Minimum breaking strain of monofilament line must be 20 pounds. Braided line a minimum of 65 pounds. Wire traces must be always used.

    Pike fishing permitted methods are:

    Artificial lure fishing, with a minimum size of 4 inches

    Dead baiting, with marine baits only i.e., no freshwater fish alive or dead may be used or brought to the water (including lamprey, eel, pollan).

    Anglers must carry mandatory unhooking tackle, consisting of; *knotless landing net with arms of at least 42 inches or a round net frame of at least 30 inches, *long nose forceps, *long nose plyers, *hook cutters, *large unhooking mat/cradle/sladle.

    Trolling with dead baits and lures is allowed under the power of an electric motor or oars.

    Any trout caught accidently must be returned to the water immediately.

    Live baiting in strictly prohibited.

    Any fish photographed must be properly supported by the anglers to minimise risk of injury to internal organs. Anglers found holding large pike by the gill covers and allowing them to hang unsupported will be removed from the water and excluded from future fishing sessions. Fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible after unhooking and not retained in the boat or handled repeatedly to allow photos to be taken.

    For the future of pike fishing and overall welfare of the fish, please obey all the rules and regulations.


    Fishing Boat Rules and Guidance


    ·      Buoyancy aids to be always worn correctly – zipped up, buckled and straps tightened fully.

    ·      Kill cords to be mandatorily worn around operators’ leg when operating the engine.

    ·      No standing on boats whilst in transit.

    ·      No jumping off boats into water at any time.

    ·      No smoking or consumption of alcohol/nonprescriptive drugs at any time on the water.

    ·      Fishing boats are to give way to other water users except for safety boats.

    ·      50m minimum clearance from other water users/vessels wherever possible.

    ·      50m minimum clearance from banks wherever possible.

    ·      Exclusion zones are to be adhered to as outlined during safety brief.

    ·      Funnel must be used when refuelling engine. Caution is required when pouring fuel to ensure minimum overspill. If fuel is overspilled, report to rangers.

    ·      If an incident occurs, wave arms/oar in the air to raise the alarm. Patrolling safety boat will attend as soon as possible. Whistles are fitted to buoyancy aids if required to further raise the alarm.

    ·      If you fall into the water. Stay calm, blow your whistle attached to your buoyancy aid to raise the alarm and keep hold of the boat to stay afloat.

    Contact number: 01633 646275

    Staff at Llandegfedd strive to prepare and have boats ready for departure at 9am.

    Access to the pontoon will not be permitted without a buoyancy aid or life jacket. If you wish to use your own life jacket/buoyancy aid this must be visually checked by the ranger team before use. Before using boats, please familiarise yourself with the fishing boat rules and guidance sheet. Also familiarise yourself with the basic boat engine workings and techniques.

    Please seek any advice needed from a member of the ranger team at Llandegfedd.


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